Jacqui Taylor – Keynote Speaker

Cyberpreneur, IoT innovator and Smart Cities Tsar

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Specialist Subjects

  • Smart Cities
  • Harnessing Artificial Intelligence
  • Developments in Cyber Security
  • Mapping the Future for IoT


  • English


Dr Jacqui Taylor one of 100 Global Leaders for 2019, as a top 10 Global Internet of Things innovator she doesn’t just predict the future she engineers it using cutting edge web science research. She will clarify and demystify the future for you and spotlight the mega trends inspiring you to align your organisation to profit from the Internet of Things.

As one of the original 250 Founders of the UK’s Tech City it became clear to her In December 2016 that the combination of the Internet of Things, which is changing our society globally and the decision of the UK to exit from the European Union required a new approach for businesses to survive the impact. She pivoted her company FlyingBinary to meet this challenge with spectacular results.

Dr Jacqui Taylor is an international Web Scientist whose early career in aerospace engineering was abruptly halted on graduation when she was transferred to the Computer Services department to lay the foundation for the Software Engineering industry. She was headhunted at 24 to create the first distributed technology solution in the energy industry. She set up her first company at 26 and has been unemployable ever since. She is the only technologist to deploy technology across the whole of the UK’s health service and has architected transformational change at the Bank of England and across the European banking industry, twice.

Dr Taylor is known globally as the world’s first Smart City Tzar, smart cities are the future hubs of business in an IoT world. She is a Strategic Advisor to the UK Government on Smart Cities, Cities lead on Digital Built Britain and a Principal UK Expert lead for the British Standards Institute (BSI) international team for Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence. She is one of 16 International Smart City experts advising the Chinese Government on their Smart City Programme and one of 4 experts advising the European Commission on improving outcomes for citizens in an IoT world.

As a Cyberpreneur she travels the world explaining how the technology she builds to defend Europe against terrorism can be used to make organisations, nations and continents CyberSmart. She explains how to build a community response to one of the largest threats we face globally today. At Davos she announced how the UK is partnering with nations to deploy this technology to defeat global corruption, overseen by the OECD.

As a UK Science Diplomat Dr Jacqui Taylor’s work has underpinned a new future for 90 nations and has positively impacted over one third of the world’s population. This work is now a foundation for future trade UK relationships in a post Brexit world. As a co-founder of the data journalism industry she shares her recent web science research which connects 34 million citizens globally to unlock the secrets of building a future IoT workforce.

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