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Specialist Subjects

  • Future Perspectives: Unveiling the Emerging Trends in Workplace Wellbeing
  • Peak Performance Decoded: Winning the Workplace Endurance Race by Achieving More with Less
  • The High-Performance Paradox: Balancing Productivity and Wellbeing for Sustainable Success
  • Resilience Reimagined: Cultivating Anti-Fragility in a VUCA World
  • Burnout Uncovered: Understanding and Combating the Hidden Epidemic of the Modern Workplace


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James Hewitt is a distinguished authority on workplace wellbeing and sustainable high performance, globally recognised for his pioneering work with clients ranging from Formula One teams to Fortune 500 companies.

Over a notable career, James has been at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge research with practical insights, empowering organisations to foster thriving, high-performing work environments that place employee wellbeing at their heart.

His mission: to translate complex psychological and physiological research into actionable strategies that enhance individual and team performance while promoting resilience and
wellbeing. Today, James is considered an influential figure in shaping the future of work, his
insights profoundly impacting the organisational cultures of multinational corporations, startups, and non-profit organisations alike.

James has been widely credited for his inventive approach to addressing burnout and stress in the workplace. His innovative strategies have demonstrated a tangible impact on stress, wellbeing and performance, proving the undeniable value of investing in employee wellbeing. As a sought-after keynote speaker, Hewitt eloquently articulates the deep connection between wellbeing and sustainable high performance, winning over audiences with his persuasive blend of storytelling, science, and real-world examples.

In addition to regular consulting projects for some of the world’s most demanding and high- performing organisations, James’ work includes academic doctoral research in Organizational Psychology, delivering over 1000 hours of presentations & workshops in 30+ countries, including lecturing at Duke CE, IMD, St. Gallen, three World Economic Forum Annual Meetings in Davos, for the World Economic Forum Global Leadership Fellows program and in a speaker line-up including Barack Obama, at the Nordic Business Forum.

Popular Talks by James Hewitt

Future Perspectives: Unveiling the Emerging Trends in Workplace Wellbeing

In this eye-opening presentation, James Hewitt offers a cutting-edge exploration of the future of workplace wellbeing. Drawing from the latest research and real-world insights, he uncovers the transformative trends poised to reshape organisational cultures and enhance employee wellbeing in the coming decade. This keynote is an essential resource for forward- thinking leaders and business people seeking to stay ahead of the curve.

Peak Performance Decoded: Winning the Workplace Endurance Race by Achieving More with Less

Diving deep into the science behind peak performance, James applies principles from world- class endurance sports to the workplace. In this keynote, attendees will discover a counter- intuitive perspective on how to optimise their performance while safeguarding their wellbeing, striking a balance that is key to long-term success in the cognitive endurance activity that is modern work.

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