Jane Seymour – Keynote Speaker

Prolific actress, self-help author and fashion creator

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Specialist Subjects

  • From TV's Medicine Woman to Real Healer
  • Balance & Tolerance: A Key to Life
  • Remarkable Changes: Striving Through Adversity


  • English


Jane Seymour is the definition of a modern Renaissance woman. She’s an award-winning actress in television, films, and on Broadway. An accomplished artist, her highly-touted watercolors and sketches are sold to support charities. She’s a success in the world of fashion with her Jane Seymour Signature Collection and her new Seymour Home Collection. An established best-selling author, she has written her eighth book, Making Yourself at Home, as well as the autobiographical Remarkable Changes: Turning Life’s Challenges into Opportunities. Inspired by how much her life changed since giving birth to twins, she wrote the series of children’s books, This One and That One.


Reaching far beyond her many professional roles, Jane Seymour, is first and foremost, a hands on mother, keeping up with six children. And, for over 20 years, she has served as an activist, tirelessly promoting a number of charities dedicated to improving the lives of children around the world. She has served as the Honorary Chairperson for City Hearts, an International Ambassador for Childhelp, and on the American Red Cross Celebrity Cabinet. Her talent as a fine artist raised funds for Make-A-Wish Foundation and inspired a series of greeting cards sold to support her charities.


Jane Seymour is a humanitarian and proponent of alternative medicine, serving on the Advisory Board of The National Foundation for Alternative Medicine. She was also host of the PBS series, Healthy Living, where she explored a variety of healing methods including nutrition, exercise, yoga, and alternative cancer therapies.


Seymour sees physical, social, mental, and spiritual wellness as being intertwined. It is her belief in the idea of balance—between self and others, science and intuition, body and spirit – that will help us all triumph in the face of adversity.


A charming, articulate, warm woman, Seymour connects with audiences, delivering to them her message of balance, caring, and the larger notion of wellness as the means to helping others and helping ourselves.


An accomplished writer, Jane released her 8th book, “Making Yourself at Home”, a style book featuring her home and lifestyle tips in 2007. In 2002, Jane penned an autobiographical book, “Remarkable Changes”, profiling her own and 20 personal stories of others who have experienced positive transformation in the face of life-changing crisis.

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