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Business and Leadership author and researcher

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Specialist Subjects

  • Reinvention – The Six Secrets of Change
  • The Five Secrets of the World’s Best Performing Companies and Leaders
  • The Need for Speed – How to Get Everything Done Faster
  • Employee engagement


  • English


Jason Jennings is a thought provoking, highly skilled communicator who delivers the goods when it comes to leading people and companies to their full potential in the areas of revenue growth, reinvention, speed, productivity, leadership and employee engagement.


He began his career as a radio and television reporter and was the youngest radio station group owner in the US. Later, he founded Jennings-McGlothlin & Company, a consulting firm that became the world’s largest media consultancy and his legendary programming and sales strategies are credited with revolutionizing many parts of the broadcasting industry.


Jason Jennings traveled the globe in search of the world’s fastest companies for his landmark book, It’s Not the Big That Eat the Small – It’s the Fast That Eat the Slow. Within weeks of its release it hit the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and New York Times Bestsellers Lists. Now published in 32 languages, USA TODAY named it one of the top 25 books of the year!


Next, he and his research teams identified the world’s ten most productive companies for his bestseller Less Is More. His next book, Think BIG – Act Small, which profiled the only ten companies in the world to have organically grown both revenues and profits by double digits every year for ten consecutive years. Like all his previous books it debuted on all the bestseller charts. His latest book, Hit the Ground Running – A Manual for Leaders reveals the tactics and strategies of the ten CEO’s who created the greatest amount of economic value between 2000 and 2009. Research is underway for his next book to be published in 2011, promises to reveal the secrets of those leaders and organizations that have successfully reinvented and transformed themselves. In total Jennings and his teams have screened and studied more than 120,000 companies.


Along the way he found time to join forces with well known cardiologist Dr. John Kennedy and coauthor the 2010 Health, Mind and Body bestseller, The 15 Minute Heart Cure –The Natural Way to Release Stress and Heal Your Heart in Fifteen minutes a Day. Jason Jennings highly anticipated new book, The Reinventors – How Extraordinary Companies Pursue Radical Continuous Change was just released on May 10, 2012.


Critics call his books, “extraordinarily well researched, insightful, crisply written, accessible, intriguing and a vital resource for everyone in business,” and USA TODAY calls Jennings one of the three most in-demand business speakers on the planet along with the authors of Good to Great and In Search of Excellence.


The conference was just fantastic. Our group was engaged and reinvigorated. You were a big part of that success. Our folks absolutely loved your presentation. The straw poll shows that you were the best among our outside presenters. There were so many positive remarks. Your content was bang on. You were funny and thought-provoking. A great package.

– Susan Cheif Communications officer Mc Cain Food Limited


More than any other speaker prior, you demonstrated a sincere grasp of our business and its challenges, thereby allowing you to present the “5 Secrets” in a truly relevant and compelling way to this particular audience. The final outcome? Everyone LOVED it! Customers talked for days about your speech and how personally applicable it was to them, some of our Executives incorporated what they learned into their own remarks that followed and we received dozens of requests for your presentation (including one from our President). Comments on post-Conference evaluations included such praise as; “Jason was the best keynote we ever had” and the “most valuable presentation of the event”.

– Marissa Guillen0- Marketing Communications Manager Honeywill


Jason Jennings was an entertaining and motivating speaker who completely captivated our employees. His insights were right on the money!”

– Michael Sneed, Company group Chairman, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies

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