Jim Lawless

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Jim Lawless – Keynote Speaker

Author of Taming Tigers

Keynote Speaker Category: Leadership & Motivation
Topics: Motivation
Languages: English, German

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Inspiration and Motivation
Inspirational Leadership in Tough Times
Personal Leadership and Accountability
Teamwork and Change

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Jim Lawless‘s Biography


Accomplishing “Mission Impossible” depends upon our ability to adapt to and create disruptive changes, to seize opportunities, to play to win rather than play “not to lose”, to engage and empower others and inspire action. When leaders and people across an organisation begin to understand, own and enjoy the mindset that creates purposeful change, “Mission Impossible” becomes a live possibility. That’s the reason Jim Lawless created the Taming Tigers framework.

Jim  has  devoted  the  majority  of  his  working  life  to  finding  out  what  makes lasting  transformation  possible  for  individuals,  teams  and organisations –  and  to  making change happen.  Jim’s commitment to testing the Taming Tigers framework has seen him accomplish two of his own “Missions Impossible”.  He became the UK’s deepest freediver (the first Briton to pass 100m on one breath) and transformed himself from non-riding unfit business consultant to horse racing winning jockey in 12 months to answer a client challenge (and a £1 bet!).

Jim’s understanding of change in the individual, team and organisation is rooted in his practical experiences.