Jitske Kramer – Keynote Speaker

Corporate anthropologist, entrepreneur, facilitator and founder of Human Dimensions

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Specialist Subjects

  • Building tribes - organizational culture and culture change
  • Jam cultures - diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Deep Democracy - inclusive decision making
  • Wordly wisdom - anthropological lessons for leaders, teams and organizations
  • The impact of the corona virus - hybrid working cultures


  • English


Jitske Kramer (1973) is a corporate anthropologist who travels all over the world to learn from traditional healers, leaders, surprising innovators and random passers-by. She is an inspiring female speaker, entrepreneur, facilitator and founder of Human Dimensions. In 2013 Jitske was chosen as Trainer of the Year. She is known for being the bestselling author of Deep Democracy, Jam Cultures (about diversity and inclusion), Work has left the Building and co-author of The Corporate Tribe (2016 Management Book of the Year).

As a speaker, Jitske Kramer’s stories take you on an exciting journey into human issues and solutions on how people shape cultures and how cultures shape people. To see what is really going on. With an eye for differences and similarities. Looking at things from a distinctive perspective. Without the autopilot. Daring to go off the beaten path. About dialogue, decision-making, power, inclusion, leadership, organization culture, change, sabotage and ranking. About sales, multidisciplinary teams, safety and international cooperation. Challenge the obvious. And ask questions. Every day. Beyond the concept of us/them. About connecting differences and saying a proper goodbye when necessary. Essential knowledge for effective cooperation, decision-making methods and collective change.

She brings worldly knowledge and experiences back to the world of organizing, cooperation and leadership through challenging keynotes and masterclasses. To improve the strength and results of individuals and groups (and to make the world a more beautiful place). She has the ambition to activate organizations to be wildly attractive to everyone and everything. In her stories, what is familiar gradually becomes strange. And what is strange becomes familiar.

It is her quest to understand how we can build strong cultures, safe for diversity and ready for change. In her talks and books she shares her experience and research into these topics.

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