Linda Mbagwu – Keynote Speaker

From stress, overwhelm and burnout to ease and flow

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Specialist Subjects

  • Anxiety, Depression and Overwhelm
  • Finding your root trigger
  • Identifying
  • Dealing with burnout
  • Addressing Imposter Syndrome
  • Leadership
  • Work-life balance
  • Women
  • Diversity
  • Workplace culture


  • English


Linda Mbagwu speaks regularly on leadership, burnout, workplace culture, achieving work-life balance as well as targeted issues focussing on women and diversity.

Linda is a highly experienced personal and professional development coach having undertaken extensive training over the past ten years using a range of different coaching approaches. Linda works with purpose-driven CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, creatives and consultants from around the world, who are dealing with issues such as burnout, imposter syndrome and generally feeling ‘stuck’ in various aspects of their life.

Drawing on her training as well as key learnings from her clients, Linda developed a unique, signature POWER framework which identifies the one key limiting belief running people’s lives. With this as a foundation, she teaches individuals how to become their own coach and to align their personal and professional lives with their purpose, to achieve results.  In addition, Linda has focussed extensively on issues around diversity and inclusion in the workplace, with a specific focus on barriers facing executive women.  Linda also founded and was the CEO of a multi-million-pound executive recruitment business, which she grew in the competitive UK Health Sector.

Linda Mbagwu was born in Nigeria and moved to London at the age of 6. Linda’s coaching draws on her own personal and professional experiences including taking herself from being homeless, depressed and suicidal to growing her executive recruitment business – and transforming herself and her relationships. Linda holds a degree in business from the University of Manchester. Linda travels widely and currently resides in Tulum, Mexico.

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