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Award winning Financial Times Columnist and author

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Specialist Subjects

  • A satirical look at management culture
  • Office culture: the ups and downs of office life
  • Journalism


  • English


For over 30 years Lucy Kellaway was a journalist on the Financial Times where she wrote award winning columns skewering management practices, interviewed captains of industry and invented the cult fictional character, Martin Lukes.

In 2016 she co-founded Now Teach, a charity to persuade older professionals to retrain as teachers in challenging schools.

In 2017 she quit the FT to become a teacher in a comprehensive school in Hackney, where she now teaches economics. She still writes regularly for the FT and elsewhere and broadcasts on the BBC on educational matters.

Lucy Kellaway was on the board of Admiral plc for 9 years, and is a trustee of FLIC, a campaign to improve financial literacy.

Her new book, Re-educated: How I changed my job, my house, my husband and my hair, will be published by Penguin in July.

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