Marian Rojas Estapé – Keynote Speaker

MD, psychiatrist working with the Spanish Institute of Psychiatric Research

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Specialist Subjects

  • The union of mind and body: somatization
  • Stress management
  • "Vitamin people"
  • Children education
  • How to manage the "World of screens"
  • How to make good things happen to you
  • Work the affective sexual world
  • Attract the positive



  • Spanish


Marian Rojas Estapé is a psychiatrist specialized in emotional management for achieving well-being. The mind and body are the tools she uses to understand the behavior and illnesses that we develop as a result of the emotional management we carry out.

Throughout her professional career, she has not only worked with patients in her practice but also her calling has led her to collaborate on numerous charitable projects, which have always piqued her interest.

Among them, the ‘Somaly Mam Foundation’ stands out – helping girls who have been victims of child sex trafficking networks from an early age – the NGO ‘For the Smile of a Child’ – to rescue children from the Phnom Penh garbage dump – and she worked in schools in the Bronx (New York) to advocate for the education of children at risk of social exclusion.

Marian Rojas Estapé published her first book in 2018, “How to Make Good Things Happen to You,” which received a warm reception, accumulating a total of 22 editions in a year, translated into 9 languages, and sold in more than 10 countries. In 2021, she published her second book, “Find Your Vitamin Person,” in which she highlights the importance of human relationships.

Currently, Marian Rojas Estapé works at the Spanish Institute of Psychiatric Research and on the project “iLussio, Business and Emotions,” which aims to combine happiness, emotions, and life projects in the business field. She also gives lectures where she shares her expertise as a professional, addressing topics such as happiness, emotional management, and interpersonal relationships.

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