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Director of Transformation at Liquid Agency

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Specialist Subjects

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Creativity
  • Design


  • English


As Director of CEO Branding at Liquid Agency, Marty Neumeier is our de facto thought leader.

He is constantly challenging the way we work and what we do in order to further the contribution that Liquid can make to the success of its clients, to our communities and to the world at large. Today Marty spends most of his time lecturing all over the globe about the role of creativity and innovation in the creation of relevant and meaningful brand experiences.

A firm believer that clarity about a brand’s purpose has an inextricable relationship with business success he inspires our teams and our clients to be thoughtful about the role of design in business. Marty Neumeier has written several best-selling books, including “The Brand Gap,” outlining how to bridge the distance between business strategy and design.
His follow-up book “ZAG” introduces “onliness” as the true test of a brand strategy and was named one the “100 Best Business Books of All Time.”
His third book, “The Designful Company,” offers leaders a blueprint for building a culture of innovation through design thinking.

In 2013 Marty Neumeier published “Metaskills: Five Talents for the Robotic Age,” a deep dive into the future of workplace creativity. He then wrote “The 46 Rules of Genius” as a “quickstart guide” to “Metaskills.” His latest book, “The Brand Flip”, is the long-awaited sequel to “The Brand Gap.” It offers a simple formula for addressing the changes brought by social media and the rising power of customers.

Marty was also commissioned by Google Brand Lab to write the “Dictionary of Brand”-a “relational” glossary containing 500 interconnected terms in brand strategy, advertising, design, innovation, and management. The “Dictionary of Brand” is the first step in creating a “linguistic foundation”—a set of terms that allow specialists from different disciplines to work together in a larger community of practice.

When Marty Neumeier is not lecturing or writing, he is facilitating inspirational workshops or providing consulting services to companies the likes of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Skype, Twitter and Patagonia.

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