Meg Zeenat Wamithi – Keynote Speaker

Global mental health leader and consultant

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Specialist Subjects

  • Mental Health
  • Diversity
  • Inclusion
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Education


  • English


Originally from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, she grew up and went to school in the local area. Her family was the only black family in the neighbourhood, making it difficult for Meg to find positive role models who shared her background, especially as many of her peers were being suspended or expelled for their behaviour in school.

At thirteen, Meg was diagnosed with a variety of mental illnesses including anorexia, anxiety and depression, and had to struggle to manage her symptoms alongside her schoolwork. At 14, Meg had her first suicide attempt and at 16 she had her second. The last couple of years at school were particularly difficult for Meg, but she passed her A levels with some of the best results in her year, even after her school went into special measures.

By 2017, however, Meg had relapsed with depression and anxiety. On her 20th birthday, Meg attempted to take her own life and was rushed to hospital. Even at that crisis point, Meg did not feel that she received the necessary support. This was a situation that Meg was determined not to see repeated.

Inspired by her own difficult experience, Meg created My Mind Matters Too, a youth-led mental health research and development company to support those suffering from mental health issues.

Over the year, her work has seen her recognised, internationally, as an award-winning mental health campaigner and consultant. In 2019, Meg was recognised as one of the most inspiring black students in the UK and received the Diana Award.

She has worked with large companies like Clifford Chance, Amazon, Santander,, KPMG, Lone Design Club and Voxburner. Meg’s story has been recognised by The Guardian, Dazed Magazine, BBC London, Channel 5, BBC Radio 4 and The Voice. Her commitment to changing the world for the better has seen her champion anti-bullying in schools, inclusivity and diversity on university campuses and in the workplace, evolution of school curriculums and mental health services in public policy, as well as championing young people’s voices in politics.

At the wake of Covid-19, her team built Mind Mapper UK, the ultimate mental health school for young adults. The platform allows you to tap into a global community of like-minded peers; learn from global experts; connect with mental health resources that suit your lifestyle and work towards a mentally healthier life, in a way that suits you. With her team, they deliver workshops and programmes in schools, universities and companies equipping students and staff with the tools they need to live mentally healthier lives.

The team are hosting the largest youth-led mental health festival called ME Day on Friday 8th October at Clapham Grand.

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