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Mental Health Advocate and Host of Award Winning Podcasts "Wake Up/Wind Down" and "Where is my Mind"

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Specialist Subjects

  • Finding peace in the chaos of the modern world
  • The Architecture of Stigma (And how we can deconstruct it)
  • The Therapy Room
  • An Atlantic state of mind
  • The Neuroscience of Mindfulness-based interventions


  • English


Niall Breslin believes in the innate human capacity to heal, recover and transform. As a life transformation expert, he has devoted his life to helping people reach their true unlimited potential.

Currently undertaking his PhD, Niall holds an MSc in mindfulness based interventions, bachelor’s degrees in economics and sociology, a higher certificate in performance psychology and is an honorary fellow of both the Royal College of Surgeons and of IADT as well as a winner of the prestigious UCD Alumni award for social sciences. He is also a former professional athlete, representing Ireland and Leinster in Rugby, and an Ironman triathlete.

As a keynote speaker, consultant and leadership coach, Niall Breslin has worked closely with global leaders and organisations across a vast array of industries all around the world. He has consulted with the Irish and EU governments on health policy and worked closely with professional athletes across a variety of sports as well as world class entertainers. His ability to communicate with vital authenticity, inspiring candidness and deep expert knowledge and experience in a number of fields, has further contributed to his standing as a key figure in the evolving conversation about the human condition. Niall’s commitment to sharing his pioneering work is inspiring a paradigm shift in the public perception and narrative around emotional well-being and human potential.

Founded and hosted by Niall Breslin, the critically acclaimed and multi-award-winning “Where Is My Mind” podcast, is an immersive exploration into how we can better look after our heads and hearts in the chaos of the modern world. Niall engages in naturally vulnerable, investigative and generative conversations with philosophers, thought leaders, academics, scientists and musicians including Deepak Chopra, Moby, Edith Eger, Adam Clayton (U2) and many others. ‘Where Is My Mind’ regularly features in the UK and Ireland’s top podcast charts and it was the winner in the most creative podcast category at the British Podcast Awards. Niall’s other podcast “Wake Up Wind Down” is a twice-daily guided reflection and meditation to start and end your day. As part of Spotify’s ‘Your Daily Wellness’ playlist, the podcast reached and actively supported hundreds of thousands of global listeners during the pandemic, reaching number one in Spotify’s US health and fitness charts. It was also nominated for British podcast of the year in 2021 & 2022 and indeed won Irish daily podcast of the year in 2022.

Niall’s passion and drive for de-stigmatising mental health, particularly amongst young people, propelled him to co-found the award-winning mental health charity “A Lust for Life”. Through their school’s programme they are teaching young people to be effective guardians of their own minds and have, to date, reached over 45,000 students nationwide with the aim of being in every primary school by 2023 and embedded in the educational curriculum by 2024.

In addition to writing his award winning memoir “Me and My Mate Jeffrey” Niall has also authored a best-selling children’s book series “Magic Moments” which further promotes and educates children on mindfulness, emotions and mental health.

Niall Breslin is also a multi-platinum award-winning musician and producer. Lead singer and songwriter for “The Blizzards”, 3 time winner as a coach on “The Voice of Ireland” and also worked as a producer and songwriter for Simon Fueller’s “19 entertainment”.

Popular Talks by Niall Breslin

Finding peace in the chaos of the modern world

Niall’s keynote talk is a powerful personal story combined with his deep knowledge and expertise of the human condition. It brings the audience through his dynamic and eclectic career as a professional rugby player, touring musician and broadcaster disguising a rampant and destructive struggle with depression and panic disorder, which ultimately led him to hit rock bottom on a live prime-time television show. This was the catalyst for change that guided Niall on a truly remarkable journey of healing and transformation. A journey he now helps people with all over the world.


The Keynote is delivered with three core themes. 

1.     Relatability – The audience needs to see themselves or their loved ones in what is being said.
2.     Vulnerability – This shifts the audience from the head into the heart, and this is where the real impact happens.
3.     Functionality – The audience needs to leave the room with tangible, practical and accessible information that they can apply to their everyday lives.

Niall offers this through a 5 step plan that resonates with all that hear it.

The Architecture of Stigma (And how we can deconstruct it)

How can organisations craft cultures of diversity and inclusion? They must understand the obstacles that historically and presently prevent them.


Niall explores this topic in three ways.

1.     How are stigmas forged into the fabric of our culture?
2.     What are the cognitive biases that allow them to prevail?
3.     How we can deconstruct them and move towards a more equal and empathetic society, for equality is the best form of therapy.

This is a very accessible and practical explanation of the building blocks of stigmas, and more importantly, how can we break them down.

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