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TV Personality, Adventurer, Speaker and Conservationist

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Specialist Subjects

  • Mental Resilience
  • Teamwork and team cohesion
  • Leadership
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Tourism - Adventure Tourism and the use of media and storytelling to promote destinations and travel.


  • English


Paris Norriss is an explorer who brings adventures to life on screen through his various TV shows. Paris is currently filming “Guy in the Sky”, an adventure travel show that tells the story of some of the most interesting civilizations through time, across the globe, using his love for adventure sports to capture unique viewpoints from the sky, below the sea and across landscapes. He has dived to lost shipwrecks, dug for archeological artifacts below the city of Jerusalem and paraglided over ancient citadels.

Paris’s determination knows no bounds. In a remarkable feat, he triumphantly completed a rowing challenge across the Pacific Ocean in 2023, firmly establishing himself as one of the select few to conquer the arduous 4,800-kilometer journey, whilst raising £150,000 for The Blue Marine Foundation to support marine conservation. Telling his exhilarating stories of the adventures he has had through filming his TV shows, he draws on some critical lessons on the principals of teamwork, leadership, mental fortitude and gratitude.

As an advocate for adventure sports, Paris is a global ambassador for Padi and Cressi for scuba diving and Parajet for Paramotoring. He has also secured sponsorships from world-renowned brands such as Land Rover, Tag Heuer, and Oakley. Paris’ shows are broadcast in 123 countries to over 22 million people on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Tubi TV and on a number of airlines including Emirates Airlines, British Airways, Etihad and many more.

Paris is regularly featured in international media as an advocate for adventure travel and has a weekly segment on Dubai Eye radio, a monthly business column in The National newspaper and frequently a keynote speaker at live events on the subject. In 2017, he founded GID Media Production which currently produces and distributes TV shows to subscription video on-demand platforms such as Amazon Prime, Apple TV, OSN and across airline inflight entertainment systems globally.

Paris received an M.A in Business Studies from Edinburgh University, majoring in finance.

Popular Talks by Paris Norriss

Mental Resilience

Using dilemmas faced from rowing 14 hours a day for 39 days through storms on the Pacific Ocean as a case study, the talk drills down into how to identify your internal purpose and align your motivational triggers to be able to achieve the impossible. Listeners will walk away with an understanding of the mindset that unlocks the ability to keep going through the worst of times to reach that top tier of performers.

Teamwork and team cohesion

Using the principals of “A Happy Boat is a Fast Boat” the talk walks through scenarios to demonstrate how to place morale above all else. Managing the toxicity of politics within a team to get everybody working in the same direction and being able to identify the varying motivational triggers and communicate effectively to each. The outcome of this talk will unleash the magnifying effect of working together as a supportive unit.

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