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Performance Coach and Expert in Human Behaviour

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Specialist Subjects

  • Becoming Your Future Self
  • Making Wellness Work - Building Resilience In Challenging Times
  • Innovation From The Inside Out
  • From Good to Great To Excellent
  • Cultivating Leadership in 2023
  • Unlocking Potential


  • English


Pete Cohen has been dedicated to supporting organisations and the people within them to flourish for over 25 years. He coaches business leaders, executives, corporate teams and sporting stars to achieve their best.

Cohen is the author of 17 published books, several of which have been best-sellers across the world, including Habit Busting, Life DIY and Sort Your Life Out. He has also presented his own show on TV called The Coach and was the resident Life Coach on GMTV for 12 years.

Cohen’s background is in psychology and sports science. He specialises in taking self-help and personal development to the masses in a way that is easy for people to understand and apply. Working in sports performance coaching, Pete Cohen has helped world class sporting stars and teams reach their peak performance, including Ellen MacArthur, Roger Black, and Arsenal Football Club.

Popular Talks by Pete Cohen

Becoming Your Future Self

“Becoming your future self” is a concept that involves visualizing your ideal future self and taking actions that align with that vision. It’s a process of personal growth and development that requires self-awareness, goal setting, and intentional action.

To become your future self, you need to first identify who that future self is. What are their values, beliefs, and priorities? What do they look like, feel like, and act like? Once you have a clear vision of your future self, you can start taking steps to become that person.

One of the key steps in becoming your future self is setting goals that align with your vision. These goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. They should also be aligned with your values and priorities. By setting goals that are in line with your vision of your future self, you are creating a roadmap for your personal growth and development.

Another important aspect of becoming your future self is taking intentional action. This means being proactive in pursuing your goals and making choices that align with your vision. It also means being mindful of the choices you make and how they impact your progress towards becoming your future self.

Becoming your future self requires a commitment to ongoing personal growth and development. This means being open to learning and feedback, and continually striving to improve yourself. It also means being willing to adapt and adjust your goals and actions as necessary, as you gain new insights and experiences.


Making Wellness Work - Building Resilience In Challenging Times

Do you ever wish you were unbreakable? That when lifes challenges came along – both physical and mental – you could carry on without pain or suffering.

Sounds good, yes? The problem is, that without struggle, there is no challenge and, without challenge, there is no achievement.

In this talk Pete explains what it means to be anti-fragile – to be able to face every adversity in life and to learn and grow stronger without breaking. 

He will share how to develop  a mind-set known as psychological flexibility—a powerful mental state that enables you to respond effectively to fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. Youll also learn to develop genuine resilience that you can apply to take your performance and your well being to another level. 

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