Richard Bowles – Keynote Speaker

Australian Adventurer and Endurance Athlete

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Specialist Subjects

  • What the Top Performers Know
  • Adaptability in the New Reality
  • The Perseverance Payoff
  • Sustained Commitment
  • The Secret for Ongoing MotivationThe Secret for Ongoing Motivation



  • English


Richard Bowles holds an astonishing five world records as an Endurance Athlete. As a child from a village in England with an absent father, he failed school and spent his teenage years backpacking. And yet, through hard work and perseverance, Bowles went on to become world-class adventurer.

In an attempt to discover how he was able to do this, Bowles worked with top psychologists and scientists to understand the secrets of change, resilience and high-performance. His in depth analysis into the power of adventure strategy as a tool for a successful businesses has seen him rated in the Top 25 APAC speakers; with clients including BHP, randstad, NAB and TrendMicro.

Richard Bowles uncovers how to accelerate adaptation to change, giving organisations key information on how gain a competitive advantage and always stay ahead. Having voluntarily taken part in various and innumerable extreme experiences as a “giant life experiment”, Bowles is able to explore how success can arise from within chaos. Over the past years he has survived volcano eruptions, crocodile-infested rivers, life-threatening foot infections, ducked under missile fire in the middle east and survived on $2.00 a day as a Indian Rickshaw Wallah and these miraculous accomplishments gave him the key lessons for definitive business success by adapting, adjusting and altering plans, ideas and infrastructures to changing situations and conditions; allowing companies to thrive in the face adversity.

Richard Bowles summarises his keynotes perfectly with: “Think extreme experiences colliding with forward-thinking business acumen”.

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