Roger Martin-Fagg – Keynote Speaker

‎Behavioural Economist

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Specialist Subjects

  • Economic trends
  • Brexit
  • Management strategy


  • English


Roger Martin-Fagg is an economist who combines insight into the financial and policy worlds with management strategy. As such he delivers both an economic outlook, and what organisations should do to prepare. After studying Economics, Economic History and Geography Martin-Fagg worked as an economist with the New Zealand Government. He returned to the UK to work in the air transport industry before teaching strategy and economics at Henley Management College to senior managers from a wide range of industries.

Martin-Fagg specialises in making economic activity, trends and indicators understandable to non-economists and cuts through the jargon to reveal what the numbers, market shifts and policy announcements really mean.

He also considers the strategy organisations need in order to grow, and how that strategy should evolve, be articulated, and reviewed.

As a consultant Roger Martin-Fagg has designed and facilitated strategic management programmes for companies such as Sainsbury,Taylor Wimpey, Loyds Banking Group, ABF, BSI, Experian,and Santander.

He is also the author of Making Sense of the Economy, a practical explanation of everything from GDP to money supply to interest rates aimed at managers who are not economists. And visiting faculty to Duke, Ashridge, Henley and Bath Business Schools.

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