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Specialist Subjects

  • Neurodiversity 101: Using Curiosity as a Catalyst
  • Neurodiversity 101: ADHD in the Legal Workplace
  • Performance Reviews: From Anxiety to High Performance
  • Neuroinclusive Management: Managing Up, Down & Out
  • Words Matter: De-Stigmatizing ADHD & Mental Health
  • G.E.T. Authentic! From Self-Awareness to Career Action


  • English


Sarah Ennor makes ADHD human. Sarah’s always been a bold, unique personality with plenty of confidence and presence. As a securities lawyer in a corporate setting, she felt pressure to “fit in.” Praised for her technical skill, managers viewed her personality as too confident, too ambitious – just too much! An adult diagnosis of ADHD opened Sarah’s eyes.

She is energetic, ambitious, and fearless for a reason! She can also see how she could have been more self-aware, helping her employer to support her unique traits. Her work, life, and international athletic career in Aussie Rules Football were all helped and hindered by her ADHD. Sarah’s mission is to bring simple inclusion strategies to life through relatable stories. She knows culture, morale, and results improve when we marry revenue to respect, coach with curiosity, and banish bias. Sarah guides businesses through their early steps toward neuroinclusive action.

She boosts everyone’s confidence to talk about, and support, ADHD. Sarah shares her work, personal, and mental health experiences to show how easily we can misunderstand ADHD symptoms. She advocates that small changes can mean BIG results, serving up bite-sized tools and meeting audiences where they’re at. Sarah recognizes the power of leading with curiosity. She knows we each play a role in cultivating our growth and self-awareness, and is open about her own evolving views.

Sarah offers talks and workshops, plus 1:1 peer support that benefits anyone touched by ADHD and seeking tailored support and resources. She has practiced law since 2007. Sarah articled at Gowlings and held progressively senior in-house roles at Scotiabank and Bank of Montreal. She moved into sole practice in 2017 and is the founder of Growth Counsel. Fun fact: Sarah is a world champion in Australian Football and represented Canada from 2011-2020.

Popular Talks by Sarah J. Ennor

Neurodiversity 101: Using Curiosity as a Catalyst

You can reduce turnover and boost your revenue without overhauling your business model! Anyone in your organization can make small shifts to get BIG inclusion results. It all starts with using curiosity as a catalyst. This introduction to neurodivergence and ADHD is an ideal first step in your neuroinclusion journey. We’ll dig into WHY neuroinclusion matters, bridging the gap between our good intentions and taking meaningful action. Sarah will share her story and explain what ADHD is, what it isn’t, and how symptoms may show up at work. Armed with the WHY, you’ll develop greater empathy for your colleagues and clients with ADHD, You’ll learn:

  • Different ways of thinking, working, and communicating with ADHD;
  • How these differences contribute to better results;
  • Exactly how to use curiosity to foster belonging and inclusion;
  • Why is curiosity a catalyst when supporting every type of difference?

It’s math and science: a neurodiverse workforce yields better results!

Neurodiversity 101: ADHD in the Legal Workplace

Sarah has been a lawyer since 2007, working in law firms, in-house departments, and in sole practice. She was shocked when her doctor diagnosed her with ADHD)! The condition is often stigmatized as an excuse for laziness and misbehaviour. She’s since learned that nearly 3 times more lawyers report having experience with ADHD than the general population. Also, ADHD is not what she thought! Every person with ADHD experiences different symptoms and strengths. Many, like Sarah, rely on the support of others to thrive at work. No matter your neurotype, your unique strengths can help business prosper. Sarah will share what ADHD really is, and:

  • What makes the legal workplace so attractive to the ADHD brain;
  • How and why the positive and negative traits of ADHD may show up at work;
  • Simple supports that can make a BIG impact for those with ADHD; and
  • How folks without ADHD play a key role in unlocking their colleagues’ potential.

A neurodiverse workforce creates impressive results!

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