Sean Connolly – Keynote Speaker

Author and Performance Coach

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Specialist Subjects

  • Competitive Pressure
  • Performance
  • Transformation
  • Applied Psychology


  • English


Author and performance coach Sean Connolly is one of the most sought after coaches in the world of competitive pressure involved in the sport and business environment today.


Connolly’s unique programme is the result of 30 years’ experience and knowledge in the human development field of Therapy, Martial Arts and Business. He is a specialist in self confidence and mental resilience in order to achieve transformation.


Connolly explains that transformation only takes place when you actively take part in activities designed to change your beliefs, habits and feelings as a part of the process.


Sean Connolly has a wealth of experience himself, staying focused and balanced under pressure. Growing up in amateur boxing from 12-24 years old he then took up Thai boxing before travelling to London to practice one of Asia’s toughest Martial Arts: Southern Praying Mantis.


In 1998 he travelled to Singapore to become the first westerner to walk one of the most intense fires in Asia at the Miriamam Temple from it’s beginnings in 1848. Connolly walked on 5,000 burning hardwood logs compressed into a 20 foot long 3 foot deep gravel pit after walking 6 miles in his bare feet in the scorched footpaths of Singapore which blistered his feet before walking the fire.

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