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Paralympian, Motivational Speaker, Broadcaster, Executive Coach

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Specialist Subjects

  • The High Performance Power of Diversity
  • Resilience and the Adaptive Mindset: Unlocking the Secrets of High Performers
  • High Performance Habits for Mental Health and Well Being


  • English


Stef Reid has spent her life breaking boundaries and pursuing high performance. A life changing accident at 15 put an end to her dreams of being a rugby superstar, but with the help of a carbon fibre running leg, she found a different way! She is a world champion (2017), a 4 time Paralympian (2008, 2012, 2016, 2021), a triple Paralympic medallist, and a five-time world record holder. She has an honours degree in biochemistry, and away from the track Stef works as a keynote speaker, broadcaster, executive coach, actor, and fashion model.

Stef Reid was the first amputee to walk the London Fashion Week catwalk and she competed in the British reality show Dancing on Ice 2022, making it to the quarter finals and showing the world you can learn to skate with an artificial foot! After a glittering 18 year Paralympic career, Stef announced her retirement from elite sport in June 2022. She is now on a mission to inspire others to find their version of High Performance.

Popular Talks by Stef Reid

The High Performance Power of Diversity

High performance systems and businesses know that sustained success requires fresh ideas and original thinking. For them, diversity has never been about ticking a box. It’s about finding a competitive edge. They know that the best ideas come from a room full of diverse thinkers and a diverse range of experiences. We can all learn to unleash the power of our unique perspective and develop a culture that encourages innovation.

Resilience and the Adaptive Mindset: Unlocking the Secrets of High Performers

Life rarely unfolds as we expect it to. In world that continues to surprise, the ability to adapt to any set of circumstances is the foundation of sustained high performance. Adapting is hard work and it takes courage and resilience to experiment and innovate. And the question people keep asking is “How do we show up day after day, full of passion and motivation?” This session will get audiences excited about change, excited about challenges, and excited about moving outside their comfort zones!

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