Sue Nelson – Keynote Speaker

Former BBC Science and Environment correspondent

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Specialist Subjects

  • Space Science and Human Spaceflight
  • Science
  • Feminism
  • Energy & Sustainability


  • English


Sue Nelson is an award-winning science journalist and a former BBC science and environment correspondent for television news. She makes short films for the European Space Agency and science organisations, produces science and space documentaries for BBC Radio, and presents the award-winning Space Boffins podcast. As a result, she is an experienced live performer who has interviewed scientists, authors, artists and astronauts – including riding a moon buggy on the streets of London with Apollo astronaut Eugene Cernan.

Recent documentaries Sue has produced include Women with the Right Stuff and First Woman on the Moon (BBC World Service), and The Online Identity Crisis (Radio 4), on the disturbing ways in which social media and the Internet are shaping our identity.

Sue Nelson also spent several years working alongside the Rosetta mission space scientists making short films about their audacious attempt to land on a comet and how it has changed our understanding of cometary science. She is currently making short films on the ExoMars mission as well as BepiColombo, which is on its way to Mercury, and the new James Webb Space Telescope.

Sue edited The Biologist 2010-2015, has written comedy sketches for radio and is also a writer of short stories, radio drama and screenplays. One screenplay, Little Devils, led to the resulting short film being shown in 19 cities across 6 countries during the International Festival of Cinema and Technology.

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