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Author and Writer, Businessman and Mental Health Advocate

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Inspirational speaker Thomas Duncan Bell is often better known across the UK & Internationally as The Bipolar Businessman. A true enigma, living with a bipolar disorder, Thomas has managed to reach over 1 Million people with his writing, video and various other media work and published articles on mental health in business. Growing up in an extremely volatile environment, his father a destructive, repressed homosexual, Thomas has fought adversity and fear since he was old enough to remember it and is now swiftly becoming one of the UK’s most popular mental health speakers.

Thomas has also battled through drug and alcohol addictions, destructive relationships and evolved to become a prominent mental health campaigner. He’s now the primary mental health champion at the UK’s Institute of Directors and is performing his energetic key note speeches and round table discovery sessions at all of their diversity events across the UK. He’s also presenting for a wide range of businesses and implementing change programmes with the use of magic, as a medium to break down barriers.

Thomas Duncan Bell is a speaker that commands your attention. He was thrown out of a top theatre school because of his debilitating mental health, despite an obvious raw talent for the stage, so you know you’re in safe hands when it comes to controlling an audience and their focus. He’s now been a FTSE 500 & SME Commercial Consultant for over 14 years and has run sales teams across the UK, Europe and the U.S. He’s able to work with companies to develop their mental health programmes, while understanding the needs of the business, to ensure return on investment while investing in change of culture.

A leader to watch out for as the mental health movement evolves globally, with publishers fighting over his first book “Everything’s A Little Bit Mental” as we speak, it won’t be long before his infectious personality and drive is renowned, when the subject of mental health is raised, and people are looking for energy and real change in their businesses.

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