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Irish Chef, Author, CEO and online influencer

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Specialist Subjects

  • Gambling Addiction
  • Weight Loss
  • Healthy Eating
  • Wellbeing
  • Celebrity Chef
  • Resilience & Determination


  • English


At 27 stone with a debt of €85,000 in 2018 Trisha felt like rock bottom had hit but the truth was it was only just the beginning for this Irish Chef, CEO and online influencer.

Trisha Lewis currently has over 230k followers on Instagram, a figure that is rising daily. Once she decided to share her own story of trying and succeeding to lose weight, she found that her uplifting message resonated with audiences everywhere and her page quickly became a place where followers come to seek empathy, advice and hope.

Trisha loved her job as a chef but as she approached 30 and found herself weighing 27 stone, she knew something had to be done. She set a goal to shed 13 stone, and has already reached halfway with 8 stone lost. From the beginning, she has documented her progress (and any setbacks) on her Instagram page, @trishas.transformation. Along the way, however, her unique blend of humour and humility turned what was ostensibly a weight-loss story into a transformational health and wellbeing journey with universal appeal.

People connect with Trisha because she’s unafraid to share what happens when you decide to hold yourself to account. She’s gained a reputation not only for being very funny, but for ‘telling it as it is.’ For Trisha, this means cultivating compassion for yourself, but also calling yourself out when you mess up.

Recognising that an ‘all or nothing’ mindset doesn’t serve anyone is key, too. Ultimately, Trisha wants people to know that no matter how bad things get, you can turn them around, reset and start again. As she says, ‘It’s not failure, it’s feedback. You just need to reflect, learn, re-set’.

This down-to-earth attitude, characterised by a refreshing mix of determination, hope and self-reflection, permeates everything Trisha does, from her Instagram feed and two best-selling books (Trisha’s Transformation and The 21-Day Reset), to the recipes she shares (‘lose weight, not flavour’) and the talks that make her such a warm and engaging speaker.

Trisha’s personal story and growing public profile have resulted in television appearances on the Late Late Show, Six O’Clock show and Today Show, as well as slots on numerous radio stations.

Since becoming debt-free Trisha has launched her own company called “Sharp by Trisha Lewis” where she sells her own sets of kitchen knives.

In 2023, Trisha joined Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late show, and opened up for the first time about her gambling addiction, leaving viewers in awe of her bravery. Trisha wants to raise awareness of the silent life destroyer that gambling can be, especially for women. She wants her story to inspire those who, like her, have struggled for years to step forward and accept help. Trisha believes that once you are here on earth you can fight anything with a positive attitude, hard work and a bucket of resilience.

On top of her corporate talks, she offers cookery demonstrations. With Trisha’s background of chefing her mantra is you can lose weight without losing flavour. Trisha’s knowledge, skill and wit has landed her a spot on RTE’S Today show kitchen.

To date her speaking clients, include IBEC, Executive Women’s gathering, Abbot, Republic of Work, Novartis, VHI, GSK, Apple, Wellfest, Fintru, Irish Farmers Journal, Boston Scientific and Irving Oil. She is also a popular brand ambassador for Aldi, Spotlight, Meaghers Pharmacy, as well as a Dove Self Esteem Ambassador.

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