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tim marshall new book divided

Tim Marshall’s new book: Divided

Divided continues Tim Marshall’s popular series of books on global politics, following Prisoners of Geography and Worth Dying For. In this new book, he explains one consequence of the rise in nationalism and identity politics is that walls are going up. Over 6,000 miles of fences and barriers have been erected in the past ten years, and they are redefining our political landscape.


Publisher Jennie Condell said: ‘Divided is topical, it’s unflinching, it’s revelatory, but most of all it’s a brilliant read. This is a book that will start conversations. Tim Marshall’s clarity and insight have made him a favourite of readers around the world. We couldn’t be more proud to be publishing this essential work by one of the most exciting authors working in Britain today.’


Covering China; the USA; the UK; Europe; the Middle East; Israel; Africa; and the Indian subcontinent, Divided is a gripping investigation of the faultlines that will shape our world for years to come. We feel more divided than ever; this riveting popular analysis tells you why.


Divided will be published as a hardback in March 2018.


Tim Marshall was Diplomatic Editor and Foreign Correspondent for Sky News. After thirty years’ experience in news reporting and presenting, he left full time news journalism to concentrate on writing and analysis.


Tim Marshall has written four books, including Prisoners of Geography – a New York Times Best Seller and #1 Sunday Times bestseller as well as 2016 release, Worth Dying For – The Power & Politics Of Flags.

Divided’s book cover

tim marshall new book divided book cover
tim marshall book prisoners of geography book cover

Praise for Prisoners of Geography:

Quite simply, one of the best books about geopolitics you could imagine: reading it is like having a light shone on your understanding. . . Marshall is clear-headed, lucid and possessed of an almost uncanny ability to make the broad picture accessible and coherent . . . the book is, in a way which astonished me, given the complexities of the subject, unputdownable. . . I can't think of another book that explains the world situation so well

Nicholas Lezard, Evening Standard

Compels a fresh way of looking at maps - not just as objects for orientation or works of art, but as guideposts to the often thorny relations between nations

The New York Times

A reminder of the salience of geography in international affairs... . Ideologies may come and go but, says Marshall, who served a long stint as diplomatic editor of Britain's Sky News, such geopolitical facts of life endure

Daniel Dombey, Financial Times

tim marshall book worth dying for book cover

Praise for Worth Dying For:

A fascinating tour of the world's ensigns, their histories and meanings ... a sobering lesson in just how silly we human beings can be

Daily Mail

Timely … explores how the threads of history and legend are woven into the fabric of a country's banner

Times Literary Supplement

Marshall points out that we often forget the aggressive symbolism of established flags ... `{`they`}` are a quick, visual way of communicating loyalties, power and ideas

Robbie Millen, The Times

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