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Webinar – Covid-19 and the Climate with Gabrielle Walker and Ed Gillespie

The London Speaker Bureau has been running a series of webinars over the past eight weeks. These episodes are focused on sharing advice, support, and insights to businesses on how to navigate these troubling and uncertain times.


With coronavirus set to cause the largest ever annual fall in CO2 emissions to date, this webinar heard from experts within the field of sustainability, Gabrielle Walker and Ed Gillespie, on the true impact that Covid-19 has had on our planet. Gabrielle and Ed discussed the response of international organisations to climate change, governmental legislation required to combat climate change and how to create a more sustainable post pandemic future.


Gabrielle Walker Keynote Speaker

Dr Gabrielle Walker is an expert strategist, speaker and moderator, with a focus on sustainability and climate change and their impacts on the energy, finance and transportation sectors. Gabrielle works as an advisor at boardroom-level with a wide range of companies, helping to broker cross-sectoral collaborations and turn good intentions into real action on the ground.


Ed Gillespie Keynote Speaker

Ed Gillespie is an author, communications expert and entrepreneur who specialises in climate change, sustainability and disruptive competition. He the co-founder of the Global Goals Accelerator, a business programme aimed at delivering the sustainable development goals for organisations.


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