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Webinar – Navigating the New World Order

The London Speaker Bureau has been running a series of webinars over the past months. These episodes are focused on sharing advice, support, and insights to businesses on how to navigate these troubling and uncertain times.

With the US Elections fast approaching, the Pandemic still rampant and international trade seeing more dispute than agreement, geopolitics has never been more volatile and yet so critical. This Webinar sees former Presidential Advisor Dr Pippa Malmgren in conversation with top political impressionist Rory Bremner as they discuss the humour, but also the appeal, behind Donald Trump and Boris Johnson and how the uncertainty of today will manifest itself in the future.


Keynote Speaker Pippa Malmgren

Dr Pippa Malmgren has an impressive resume as a former Presidential Advisor, an award-winning author and as co-founder of H Robotics, a company that makes robots and digitization tools for many industries. Her expertise has seen her nominated for the National Technology Awards in 2020.


keynote speaker rory bremner

Widely known as Britain’s top satirical impressionist, Rory Bremner is a renaissance man having worked as presenter, writer, quiz-show host, actor, translator. A maestro of quick wit and quirky quips, Bremner is the go-to entertainer for any event wanting a spot of outstanding political satire and tongue in cheek impressions.


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