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Get ‘A-commerce’, Emotive AI & IoE on your radar now – By Shivvy Jervis

What’s ‘A-commerce’, Emotive AI & IoE and why should you care?

Why is ‘augmented commerce’ the next progression of e-commerce, and how might you use it to persuade and inform audiences during a virtualised phase? 

Isn’t it time for software with the ability to perceive our human needs and emotion to augment our productivity tools, sales platforms and digital learning? 

And why are we already superseding what we know of as the Internet of Things with IoE – the internet of everything, in which our bodies are also ‘connected’ to the web in a way that is safe and beneficial for our personal health?

In this succinct, three-minute video snippet, the erudite Shivvy Jervis – Forecaster and founder of award-winning human-centred innovation lab FutureScape 248 – will give you a snappy rundown of what to get on your radar for 2021.


Keynote Speaker Shivvy JervisOnly recently named one of the top 10 most creative entrepreneurs of BAME origin, Shivvy hunts down scores of advances from digital, psychology and neuroscience in her broadcasts and keynotes to thousands. Indeed, she is trusted by the likes of the United Nations, the office of the Mayor of London, the BBC and Microsoft. The Director of the World Economic Forum cites her as “a thought leader beyond compare” and the  Global Curator of TED Talks lauds Shivvy’s “remarkable capacity to make complex concepts palatable”.

A former contributor to CNN Asia and Reuters, Shivvy has notched up over 12 years of broadcasting experience and 400+ hours of programming.  She was invited by Discovery Channel to present a two-part documentary on our future cities and hosted 12-part interview series NextTech Insider. Shivvy also previously created and fronted two streaming video series’ that drew a 14 million-strong audience during its run.

Shivvy champions a move from our current phase of ‘Industry 4.0’ to a more human-centred reality – one she calls Humanity 5.0.  She examines in equal measure the future of our business and economy on the one hand and how we’ll live, get around, relate and behave on the other.

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