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Specialist Subjects

  • Incredible Innovations Shaping Your Industry
  • The ‘Science Behind…’ Series
  • The science behind… Motivation and Chemistry
  • The Future Is Human – Shifts in Our Work, Jobs And Skills
  • Science behind Engagement and Motivation
  • Science behind Chemistry & Attraction
  • Building a cyber security mindset in organisations
  • Evolution of our connected world
  • Latest advances in AI
  • Mixed Reality – hype or hit
  • Web3
  • Breakthrough Innovations
  • ‘Augmented Commerce’: the new e-commerce
  • Seven Advances for your Business Radar
  • Humanity 5.0: Human-centred technologies


  • English


Shivvy Jervis is Europe’s most booked female business forecaster. Having championed the use of tech-for-good for two decades, she runs a forecasting lab dedicated to helping us discover the latest breakthroughs from digital, science and also neuroscience. She is one of the world’s most trusted voices on forecasting, and underpinning it all is her desire to make this information accessible for everyone with her human touch.

Shivvy’s topics include Adaptive AI, Cyber Security, AR Commerce, the Metaverse and the internet of ‘Everything’.

Shivvy Jervis helps thousands of us discover the most useful and accessible advances that will shape both our businesses and lives. She finds the tools to protect us on- and offline, keep our jobs and livelihoods going, detect we’re ill before the doctors do or make our cities more sustainable.

Shivvy has hosted live debate broadcasts, fronted Discovery Channel documentaries, quizzed the world’s top climate change pioneers and interviewed former PMs (David Cameron) and music legends (the late James Brown) alike. A former CNN Asia and Reuters reporter with solid journalism roots, Shivvy Jervis previously created two successful streaming series’ that enjoyed a five-year run, shining a light on brilliant advances and the maverick minds behind them.

TED Talks, a curator of the world’s most iconic ideas, recognise her for ‘having a remarkable capacity to find what’s relevant from all the noise and hype’. The UK’s former digital minister likens Shivvy to a combination of three of the country’s much-loved household names, noting ‘she carries the authority of Brian Cox with Rachel Riley’s intelligence and likability, and Bear Grylls’ adventurous spirit’!

Shivvy Jervis remains one of Europe’s most booked consumer and business trend forecasters (or what the industry terms ‘a futurist’) and a rare, diverse voice and storyteller in her space. Above all else, the trailblazer named a Champion of Change and one of Britain’s Women of the Year makes it her mission to fulfil our century-old need… to be as prepared as possible for the most pivotal changes coming our way.

Popular Talks by Shivvy Jervis

Incredible Innovations Shaping Your Industry

Which digital advances need to be on your radar now, to be future ready? In this riveting talk, Shivvy Jervis – one of the globe’s few female and Asian innovation forecasters – will take audiences on a riveting walkthrough of the digital innovations shaping their industry.
Designed to ditch the jargon, the talk aims to be accessible and energetic, focusing only on human-centred innovations and realistic use cases given Shivvy’s approach of separating the hype from the facts. Opening with a relatable subject, Shivvy might quickly share an innovation from a different field – the science behind motivation – and explain how we can use this at work.
Then, for the core part of the session she’ll walk us through what to expect from areas such as either the evolution of automation/AI, Metaverse, digital identity or our connected world (based on what is most relevant to the client).
Time permitting, she will deliver a memorable closing with a window into either the most fascinating jobs of the near future, skills we’ll need or the signals that tell us why the near- and medium-term future is more hopeful than we might think!

The ‘Science Behind…’ Series

Apart from digital innovation tools, the forecasting lab Shivvy founded 7 years ago has focused in equal measure on discoveries about how our minds work.

She shows us how to apply breakthroughs from neuroscience and psychology to elevate our workforce and consumers, making it personal by sharing first-hand anecdotes, to leave audiences feeling both educated and inspired.

After the astounding success from incorporating the ‘science behind engagement’ theme as a short segment in her signature innovation talk, Shivvy is bringing the ‘science behind…’ theme to the stage as a series of either:
a) stand-alone talk on one topic
b) one keynote covering two topics

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