Boardroom Advisory

Bringing to you the best business leaders & advisers for your board meetings & decisions

Kate Lossius
Head of Boardroom Advisory & Vice Chair
+44 797 343 1041

" Why not bring the brightest and the best from the top of a global business into your boardroom for one day and get his / her insights and advice on your plans, as well as some thoughts on how your business is working now. "

Introduction of Boardroom Advisory

Some of the most successful and influential people in the world, from business, politics, technology and academia, are represented by London Speaker Bureau. These people offer insights and unparalleled expertise on a vast range of issues that are sought after by progressive, innovative global businesses and government organisations.

The International New York Times has called us “the only global speaker bureau”. Our brand name, London Speaker Bureau, belies our global footprint. Operating for more than 20 years and with 18 international offices, we have unparalleled contacts and relationships with the leaders of today and tomorrow, in global business and politics.

LSB’s foundation is speaking. We have grown by offering knowledge and learning through keynote speakers and have naturally evolved our offer to provide clients with the opportunity to invite global business and political leaders into their companies, as boardroom advisers for their senior management teams.

What can Boardroom Advisory do for your business?

Boardroom Advisers can bring expertise from the top of business, politics and society, into your company. They can add a new depth and dimension to your knowledge, listen to your leadership team and help bring you a new perspective, or challenge what you are doing and help with your future planning.

Boardroom Advisory can bring in the brightest and the best, for just one meeting, a one-on-one discussion, or a series of meetings, to deal with the issues directly. Our Boardroom Advisers have the experience and recognition to give you unbiased peer-to-peer insight and advice without the long-term commitments typical with consultancies or the hiring of a non-executive director.

Coping with the current volatile economic, political and digital climate; Covid-19; Brexit, China and US trade relations, and the issues of data and cyber security, requires great leadership, new perspectives, new skills and uncomfortable conversations. Leadership teams have a lot to keep them awake at night. There is so much rapid change taking place and there are many new questions to ask, often with difficult solutions. With expert advice from our global LSB team, we can help you identify the right person for your needs.