Anil Gupta in Interview

Interview with Anil Gupta, expert on strategy & globalisation

Anil Gupta is ranked as a leading global expert on strategy, globalization and entrepreneurship. Amongst countless other accolades, Gupta is a prize-winning author, has been named one of the “most influential living management thinkers” by Thinkers50 and is recognised by The Economist as one of the world’s “superstars” in a cover story on “Innovation in Emerging Economies.” 

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Dr. Anil Gupta acknowledges that “every crisis has a silver lining”, as it results in lessons learnt from tough times. He discusses the challenges facing economies and society today. The growing influence of China and other emerging powers in Asia is prevalent, he looks at what contributed to this expansion. 

As an expert on globalisation, he notes that an era previously defined by the exponential growth of primary commodities is currently shifting to a new era, characterised by the major increase of cross-border collaboration in science and technology. Gupta also discusses the future of India’s economy and the factors that will ensure sustained economic development.

  Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – What are the challenges and opportunities currently facing Asia as a result of the global pandemic?
  • 01:26 – Over the next 10 years, what lies ahead for Asia?
  • 02:29 – How will the growing ubiquity of AI change the global economy?
  • 04:00 –  What does the future of Globalisation look like?
  • 05:41 – What are the key priorities for India and why?
  • 07:04 – What is next for you?

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