James Kerr Interview: High Performance Expert, Bestselling Author

“What conditions, mindset, and leadership underpin a high-performance culture?”  

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Bestselling author James Kerr unpacks the main qualities that define a high-performing culture. The natural storyteller adapts his strategies to help organizations cultivate environments of success, adaptability, and deep-seated values. Global corporations leverage his insights to shape their story… “the story you tell yourself, becomes the story others tell about you.”

During this interview, the thought leader delves into leadership, team culture, and performance. His work, most notably encapsulated in his bestseller Legacy, offers a deep dive into the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team – one of the most successful sporting teams in history – analysing the principles, practices, and ethos behind their sustained success.  He also explores the reality of pressure, and how people can harness this to make, rather than break them.

Beyond Legacy, LSB Exclusive James Kerr discusses the impact of his work on global organisations, including the Leicester FC team, seeing the underdogs through to a historic Premier League win.

James Kerr also discusses how hybrid work has affected workplaces, offering insight into the pros and cons.

His work encourages readers and leaders alike to reflect on their own legacies and the impact they wish to have on their teams, organizations, and communities.


Video Timeline

  • 00:18 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 00:57 – What defines a high-performing culture?
  • 03:54 – Your bestseller Legacy continues to inspire people globally. Have your insights evolved since?
  • 05:48 – You recently worked with the Leicester FC team. How did your work impact them?
  • 09:15 – How has hybrid work impacted workplaces?
  • 10:52 – How can pressure make rather than break people?
  • 13:10 – What is next for you?


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