Interview with April Rinne: Top-ranked futurist & bestselling author

Uncertainty is an inevitable reality confronting everyone. How can certainty be found within this uncertain world? What tools are available to not just survive, but thrive in constant change? Top-ranked futurist, April Rinne, helps leaders and teams improve their tolerance for uncertainty. “The future looks really chaotic, yet your approach doesn’t have to be.”

The bestselling author sits down with London Speaker Bureau to discuss our “world in flux”. April Rinne helps organisations navigate this space, empowering them to “see and think differently, so they can thrive amidst it”. A new mindset is required, one that “treats constant change and uncertainty as a feature, not a bug”.

Her approach employs the tools and lessons she has learnt from her travels to over 100 countries, while helping others learn from the happiest nation in the world.

During this interview, she also shares how companies can navigate the future of work and talent. “Humans treat change as if its one thing”, yet change is messy and complicated. It is crucial leaders and teams learn to improve their tolerance for uncertainty, April shares how this can be achieved.



Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 00:52 – What is your most common request currently from your clients?
  • 01:28 – You’re the author of Flux, a global best-seller. Why should everyone read it?
  • 02:51 – How can leaders and teams improve their tolerance for uncertainty? How can people thrive in change? What is your advice to those who try avoid it?
  • 04:41 – How have your travels to over 100 countries impacted your approach?
  • 06:05 – What does the future of talent / work look like?
  • 07:57 – During these uncertain times, what advice do you have for leaders and corporations?
  • 10:19 – What is next for you?

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