Interview with Chris Roebuck: Transformational Leadership Expert

Transformational leadership expert, Chris Roebuck, sits down in this exclusive interview with LSB to discuss how leaders, teams and organisations can reach optimal levels of success. 

The 10x HR Most Influential Thinker shares some key challenges companies face today, and ways to combat this. Chris Roebuck Keynote SpeakerChris Roebuck provides his sought-after take on how companies should approach the rapidly evolving expectations of a workforce. “The problem is that organisations are not as effective as they could be at giving their leaders the capability to be successful”. 

Chris Roebuck leverages over 35 years of experience as a successful corporate leader in major global organisations and SMEs. He also explores the more recent phenomenon of “AI anxiety” and how leaders should best approach this new reality, that is affecting many.

“Our experiences create our perceptions, and our perceptions determine our behaviour”.



Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 01:00 – What do you think are the key challenges organisations are facing today?
  • 02:20 – How have the expectations of a workforce evolved and what does that mean for leaders?
  • 04:39 – How could organisations be more successful by adapting to these new perspectives and be better at getting the best from people and teams?
  • 06:12 – Why is your approach to transformational leadership so effective? And how does it differ from other approaches?
  • 08:11 – How do you remain at the forefront of transformational leadership?
  • 09:37 – How should leaders approach “AI anxiety” in their teams?
  • 10:54 – The current uncertainty we all face seems to be causing even more challenges for organisations. How can leaders and organisations deal with this from your perspective?
  • 12:30 – What is next for you?

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