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Accelerates Success for leaders and organisations – Optimising Human Leadership for the AI World

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Specialist Subjects

  • High Performance Leadership
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Inspirational Leadership
  • 4 simple steps: a roadmap for team success
  • One-on-one support to achieve long-term success
  • Human Leadership for AI
  • Customer Service
  • Organisational Change
  • Transformation
  • Talent and HR Management
  • Legal and Risk Management through Culture
  • Employee Engagement and Inspiration
  • Accelerated Leadership


  • English


In the current uncertain world and with the growth of AI the fundamental driver of organisational success is Human Leadership. With the rise of AI Human Leadership comes into it’s own enabling AI to do what AI does best and we as humans do what we do best.

Chris helps leaders ensure their Human Leadership is optimised to enable AI to be an opportunity not a threat, to overcome other challenges which may arise in the future and develop diversity of thought as well as building diverse teams.

He has worked for over 40 years helping organisations Accelerate Success through their leaders being slick at task delivery, getting the best from people and focusing that best onto key objectives.

25 of those years Chris Roebuck led diverse teams across the globe specifically responsible for developing senior leaders to be more successful, eg as Global Head of Leadership for UBS, now part of a Harvard Case study.

Using his powerful and proven Accelerating Success 3 step system Chris keynotes are impactful with a focus on action afterwards. He interacts with audiences to unleash the power of their own experience to become inspiring Human Leaders tailored perfectly to their own needs and situation.

They can then better deliver what their organisation wants across multiple objectives from delivering strategic targets to customer focus, growing employee brand ambassadors to risk management and cost efficiency.

His keynotes work because he uses his experiences developing corporate speakers, reviewing feedback of what delivers results and his studies of the psychology and neuroscience on how speakers can deliver behavioural change so people take effective action afterwards.

Audiences consistently say hearing Chris Roebuck is the first time leadership really resonated and gave them practical steps to take action and deliver what their organisation needs more effectively.

Through over 200 inspirational keynotes he has helped over 21,000 leaders from hundreds of organisations globally Accelerate their Success.

Retail, construction, transport, tech, digital communications, science & research, Government, hospitality, sports, project management, NGO, DIY, banking, finance & insurance, legal, not for profit, logistics, healthcare, recruitment, consultancy, pharmaceutical, automotive, offshore oil and gas, professional bodies for HR, Marketing, Finance; Sports, Government, local trade associations and from UAE Prime Ministers Office to Chinese Space Programme to the Red Cross in Myanmar.

Chris also helps even expert professional leaders Accelerate their Success, eg 300 senior military officers and civil servants at the UK Defence Academy and speaking on leadership at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

His powerful and proven approach is founded on his financial training, his military experience, senior HR roles across organisations as diverse as London Underground, HSBC Investment Bank, UBS, UK National Health Service and Local Government to identify what really works in the real world.

Add to this his experience as one of HRs Most Influential Thinkers 10 times in annual awards, as Hon Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership and as a neuroscience accredited leadership coach. These add leading edge thinking to the real world application.

Chris Roebuck was co-author of first book on strategic leadership development and has published 4 books on leadership one of which was translated into 11 languages. His insights have been quoted by over 170 other leadership and business experts in their articles and professional journal publications.

He has written over 100 articles including for Newsweek, CEO and CFO magazines, HR Magazine, Health Service Journal and others. He has been quoted as a business leadership expert globally in the Harvard Business Review China, FT, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Business Week, and many other titles and has done over 350 TV interviews as the “go to” expert on leadership and business on BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC and other channels. His “Perspectives from the Top” podcast has listeners in over 70 countries.

Popular Talks by Chris Roebuck

High Performance Leadership

Higher expectations of leaders post COVID, the Great Resignation, potential Quiet Quitting, and Hybrid Working have created a perfect storm. There is an urgent imperative for organisations and leaders beat these challenges by maximising purposeful high performance.

There is a simple powerful solution which will achieve that, in just 3 simple practical steps. It unleashes your peoples experience, to get their best. No models, no new or more things to do, just doing better what you already do to get the best from everyone and focus onto strategic objectives.

Chris is recognised as being at the leading edge of leadership performance globally, eg his award of Companionship of the Chartered Management Institute the highest accolade that the UKs professional management body can award for his role in developing leadership around the world.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

The last few years COVID, Great resignation and economic instability have combined to create a perfect storm of uncertainty. Leaders and organisations who view this as an opportunity will flourish. It’s about leaders being able to scan the environment and identify opportunities, enable their people to do the same, then to implement so their organisations are more agile and successful.

Chris has worked with organisations at key uncertain points in their growth and is a leading expert in this field, eg his work at Global Head of Leadership and Talent at UBS on the first implementation of “entrepreneurial leadership” within a corporate environment, now part of the Harvard Case study.

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