Daniele Fiandaca Interview: Founder of Token Man Consulting

Are you a bad leader if you don’t have a diverse business? According to Daniele Fiandaca, you are. 

Daniele Fiandaca founded Token Man Consulting to drive inclusion and diversity by engaging men as change-makers in the workplace. Additionally, he co-founded Masculinity in the Workplace, a unique I&D event with a predominantly male audience, backed by an annual survey on masculinity in UK workplaces.

“Not only were men not being invited in the room when talking about gender equality and inclusion, they often weren’t welcome.” Daniele explores why men need to be apart of the solution during this interesting discussion.

The sought-after problem solver discusses the strategies that have been most effective in advancing workplace gender equality, providing more insight into the importance of engaging men in this conversation.

He talks the viewer through four creative superpowers that transform organisations. “Diversity leads to better business” and more robust solutions…


Video Timeline

  • 00:18 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 00:59 – What inspired you to start Token Man Consulting?
  • 05:00 – Which strategies have been most successful in advancing gender equality in the workplace?
  • 07:47 – What are some creative superpowers?
  • 08:24 – How has your career influenced your approach to promoting diversity and inclusion?
  • 11:09 – Why should corporations priorities DEI?

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