Deborah Berebichez in Interview

Interview with Deborah Berebichez: Expert on quantum computing

Deborah Berebichez is an expert on quantum computing and a STEM advocate. She is the first Mexican woman to receive a Ph.D. in Physics at Stanford University, with the most recent Nobel Prize Winner, Steve Chu. She is currently the lead scientist at VTT – the largest centre of research in Finland – where she has played a crucial role in building Finlands first quantum computer. 


In this exclusive interview, Deborah Berebichez explores quantum computers and how this major technological advancement will affect businesses. In order for businesses to thrive in the future, becoming quantum ready is less of a choice and more a necessity. Berebichez essentially helps companies achieve this.

At the heart of all her brilliant success, is her passion for empowering women in the scientific field, inspired by her struggle in this regard. Berebichez states that “her privilege comes with a responsibility” to breakdown barriers in this particular area and help women pursue and realise their dreams. She has founded and is involved in various mentoring programs, workshops and initiatives to empower women in this space. 

Deborah’s work in science education and outreach has been recognized by the WSJ, Oprah, TED, DLD, WIRED, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and others.

Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Please share a little about who you are and what do you do.
  • 02:46 – Explain quantum computing for the general public please. How is it different from the computers we all know and use?
  • 05:26 – How will business be transformed with quantum computing?
  • 06:51 – How do we become quantum-prepared?
  • 08:44 – You are a STEM advocate and have spoken at the Grace Hopper conference (world’s largest gathering of women in computing) along with Melinda Gates to promote the participation of women in STEM. How do you tackle this issue?
  • 10:09 – What is your message to women who want to pursue in a career in STEM?
  • 11:11 – What are you working on right now?

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