Interview with Eric Termuende: Helping leaders build incredible teams

Best-selling author, Eric Termuende, has surveyed tens of thousands of people, collecting data to determine “what separates great leaders and organisations from the pack?” During this exclusive, he provides a glimpse into the strategies that truly work.

Eric Termuende Keynote Speaker

The global authority on all things future of work, adds huge value to companies by simplifying the way they tackle the future, sharing his ‘blueprint to the future’ approach. After years of studying the world’s greatest places to work, he has deciphered what sets amazing leaders apart from the rest, and what it takes to build incredible teams that are resilient and innovative.

Global corporations seek-out his advisory to help them attract and retain talent. For various reasons companies are struggling to build strong teams, like never before, that’s where Termuende comes in – “how do we build a deeper sense of trust?”.

He shares insights on; how leaders can adjust their strategies to fit this new era of work, how ‘The Great Resignation’ provides very rare opportunities regarding talent and how to lead multigenerational/remote teams.

Eric Termuende looks at ‘The Great Resignation’ versus ‘The Great Reconfiguration’ – “its not that people are just leaving the workforce, it’s that they’re reconfiguring, to do the work they love… with companies that can achieve a mission that they really believe in”.


Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 01:48 – How should leaders adjust their strategies to fit this new world of work?
  • 03:45 – What qualities and strategies set successful leaders apart from others?
  • 06:52 – With so much competition for talent, on a global scale, how can companies retain and attract talent?
  • 10:24 – The future of work remains very much uncertain. What are the priorities for business leaders on this topic?
  • 14:24 – During these uncertain times, what advice do you have for leaders and corporations?
  • 16:00 – What is next for you?


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