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Uri Levine

Uri Levine

Fall in Love with the Problem, Not the solution

Pioneering entrepreneur and Founder of WazeUri Levine, has led many companies toward groundbreaking success.

In his latest international best-seller, Fall in Love with the Problem, Not the Solution: A Handbook for Entrepreneurs, the two-time ‘unicorn’ builder (Duocorn) shares key factors that lead to success in business, providing huge value to corporations and entrepreneurs

“Unicorns – companies that reach a valuation of more than $1 billion – are rare. Uri Levine has built two.” In this book, he shows others how he achieved this.

“SPOILER ALERT: this book will change your life and become your 'bible' if you are an entrepreneur”
- Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple
“Fall in Love with the Problem, Not the Solution should be required reading for every aspiring entrepreneur”
- Marc Randolph, Cofounder, Netflix
Hannah Critchlow

Hannah Critchlow

Joined-Up Thinking

Best-selling author, Dr. Hannah Critchlow is an internationally acclaimed neuroscientist, author and presenter. The Top 100 UK scientist, researches how people can harness their cognitive resources, making the most of the intelligence that they hold in their brain.

This critically acclaimed book, Joined-Up Thinking, “explores how we can nudge behaviours to boost intelligence and well-being for the success of ourselves but also our descendants”. She sheds light on the pioneering science of collective intelligence, explaining how it can help solve the major global challenges we face.

By focusing on the power of collective intelligence, resilience and effectively treating trauma, Hannah Critchlow’s insights offer both a practical and futuristic perspective. Furthermore, navigating how our minds can work with AI, and what the future of melding them together looks like. “AI is sparking a revolution in our approach to intelligent thinking – linking us into fast-working brain-nets for problem solving”.

“A lively examination of communal endeavour... important and correct”
- Steven Poole, The Guardian
“This genius work explains the past, the present and the future of our minds. Read - to be amazed”
- Bettany Hughes
Amy Brann

Amy Brann

Neuroscience for Coaches

Amy Brann is an expert in neuroscience and behavioural science, whose “facts not fluff” approach outperforms other high-performance models. She is the founder and CEO of Synaptic Potential, an organisation that’s pioneered the art of building better brains. Brann’s deep understanding of the brain enables others to realise their optimal potential.

In her latest book, Neuroscience for Coaches, Amy Brann shares her findings, based on extensive research, providing a breakdown of the aspects of neuroscience that are relevant for coaching so “coaches can describe to clients why specific techniques work and the benefits to be gained from using them.”

“It is a rare book that changes the way one sees the world and how we all fit into it. The well-referenced knowledge in this book produces not only 'aha moments' for experiences in the past and present, but provides actionable insights for making coaching and managing easier in the future. Highly recommended”
- Simon Powers, CEO and Founder of Adventures with Agile (AWA)
“If you're a coach or leader, you need to read this book! Profoundly researched, practical, and easy to understand, Neuroscience for Coaches unlocks the secrets of how to work with your team more effectively for better results. Amy Brann captures the beautiful intricacies of the brain that will leave you armed with knowledge to use in every area of your life.”
- Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
Tim Marshall

Tim Marshall

Future of Geography

The multi-million-copy international bestselling author of Prisoners of Geography and leading authority on geopolitics, Tim Marshall, is the former Diplomatic Editor and Foreign Correspondent for Sky News. Renowned for his ability to identify the causes underlying world events, he has reported from over thirty countries including 12 wars and conflict zones and has published six books on international relations.

His highly anticipated upcoming book, “Future of Geography”, explores “spy satellites orbiting the Moon, space metals worth billions, humans on Mars within our lifetimes. We’re entering a new space race – and it could revolutionise life on Earth. We’re heading up and out, and we’re taking our power struggles with us. China, the USA and Russia are leading the way.” This isn’t science fiction. It’s astropolitics.

“Fascinating . . . I can't imagine reading a better book this year”
- Daily Mirror
“Another outstanding guide to the modern world. Marshall is a master at explaining what you need to know and why”
- Peter Frankopan
Stephen King

Stephen King

We Need to Talk About Inflation

Stephen King is a leading economist and best-selling author, who offers valuable insights into inflation, the global labour shortage and some big mistakes central banks have made.

Stephen King’s upcoming book, We Need to Talk About Inflation, explores 14 urgent lessons from the last 2,000 years. He shares some standout findings, providing a “myth-busting explanation of inflation, the desperate gullibility of central bankers and finance ministers—and our abject failure to learn from history”.

“Most of those who have to deal with inflation are too young to remember when it was last a serious issue. This book teaches them what they need to know. King's lessons command our attention.”
- Lawrence H. Summers, former US Treasury Secretary
“Everything you wanted to know about inflation but were afraid to ask. This book is timely, well-researched and very well-written”
- Mervyn King, former Governor of the Bank of England

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