Greg Hoffman In Interview

Interview with Greg Hoffman – Former Chief Marketing Officer

Greg Hoffman is a global brand leader, former NIKE Chief Marketing Officer. For over 27 years, Greg held various marketing, design, and innovation leadership roles at NIKE, including time as the brand’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Greg Hoffman Keynote Speaker

As NIKE’s Vice President of Global Brand Innovation, Greg Hoffman led teams tasked with envisioning the future of storytelling and consumer experiences for the brand. He oversaw NIKE’s brand communications and experiences as NIKE was solidifying its position as one of the preeminent brand storytellers of the modern era and the leading innovator in digital and physical brand experiences.

For over two decades, he was a major strategic and creative influence for Nike at every major global sporting event, from the launches of NIKE’s signature products and innovations to building the brands of its athletes. Through his leadership, NIKE drove themes of equality, sustainability, and empowerment through sport in some of its most significant brand communications. That work was, in part, driven by his role on the Advisory Board of the NIKE Black Employee Network and as a member of the NIKE Foundation Board of Directors. Today as founder and principle of Modern Arena, Greg advises Fortune 500 brands, start-ups, and non-profits in creating brand strength and social impact.

In 2015, Fast Company named him one of the Most Creative People in Business. He has also been recognized for his transformative leadership in the industry through the Business Insider’s 50 Most Innovative CMO’s and AdAge’s Power Players annual lists. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Minneapolis College of Art and Design and today is a member of their Board of Trustees.

As a speaker, Greg speaks on a myriad of subjects including crafting the persona of a brand through emotive storytelling, building a distinctive and enduring brand identity and building cultural currency through authenticity and innovation. We got to speak with Greg to touch on some of these topics and hear first-hand his insights and advice.

Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Nike has been founded over 50 years ago. What is the recipe for a brand to survive “through the ages”?
  • 01:39 – How to build a strong and convincing storytelling for customers? Why storytelling is so important into brand customers’ engagement?
  • 02:54 – Where are companies/ brands at implementing a strong Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy? Any tips on where to start?
  • 04:14 – How do we create multigenerational ads? Which could reach both millennials and people in their 50s for example
  • 05:28 – Would you recommend brands to communicate through influencers more?
  • 06:15 – In the Covid era, the e-commerce is booming. How to adapt a business and marketing strategy to embrace the trend and keep ahead of the competition?
  • 07:13 – 2020 was a tough year for retail, how to adapt a business and marketing strategy to embrace the latest trends and keep ahead of the competition?
  • 08:04 – What is next for you?


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