Interview with Jennifer Vessels – Futurist, Transformation Leader

How will disruptive technologies (Generative AI, ChatCPT, Metaverse etc.) change our world? What is the future role of humans? Will AI take your job? How can companies innovate more? How can organisations become future-ready? These questions are on everyone’s mind. Jennifer Vessels answers them during this London Speaker Bureau exclusive. 

Jennifer_Vessels_Keynote_SpeakerTransformation leader and exec advisor, Jennifer Vessels, is on a mission to “help people succeed, by building on what she’s learned leading business growth, and transformation in the world’s largest companies”. The CEO shares some key factors that lead to this sustained success, as well as the importance of the right leadership approach.

She discusses how companies can harness these technologies to their advantage, building on the mindset  “to recognise that new, and great opportunities can come in this unknown future”. All companies will be impacted – “we are at the very beginning of a complete paradigm shift in the way that we use/integrate technology”.

Jennifer Vessels explores a world of possibilities and new ways of working within traditional organisations. Her tangible insights and successes prove valuable to all – “there is no rulebook to follow, we are writing it in realtime”.



Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 00:53 – How can companies become ‘future-ready’, without anyone knowing what the future holds?
  • 02:21 – How will disruptive technologies (Metaverse, Generative AI etc.) impact companies?
  • 04:20 – What is the future role of people?
  • 06:37 – Having led transformation for multi-national companies, what are the key factors that ensure sustained success?
  • 08:08 – You founded Executive Growth Alliance. What has a notable highlight been for you?
  • 09:52 – What is next for you?


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