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Futurist, transformation leader, exec advisor, CEO Next Step and EGA

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Specialist Subjects

  • Future of Work in the Web 3.0 world of the metaverse
  • Humans vs. Machines: The Future Role of People
  • Corporate Slavery is Dead: Welcome Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
  • Life 3.0: Leveraging People, Web 3.0, AI and DAOs for Leadership Success
  • Quantum Growth: Gain 100X Faster Sales Results
  • Scaling Success – Silicon Valley Style Results Exponentially


  • English


Future-ready innovator Jennifer Vessels has led global transformation for Adobe, Cisco, Google, Genentech and hundreds of world’s largest organizations. As CEO of Next Step and founder of Executive Growth Alliance (EGA) – an innovation eco-system of F100 companies, Jennifer is in the center of technological change, the future of work, Metaverse/Web 3.0, Innovation Ecosystems and Sustainability.

Jennifer Vessels advises executives on how they can leverage the latest digital and societal trends to become future-ready. Her daily activities include leading Next Step and facilitating EGA Executive Growth (peer) Circles in which leaders collaborate to learn, transform, advance sustainability and leverage Metaverse/Web 3. Through work in EGA, which Jennifer founded in 2017, leaders from Ashland, BCW, GE, Norwegian Air, Novartis, RaboBank, Schneider Electric, Yara have solved challenges and //co-created opportunities for 25% growth in value since 2020.

A Silicon Valley native and global nomad committed to delivering lasting results, Jennifer is the ideal speaker to engage and inspire business audiences. As a conference moderator, her curious, collaborative style and unique ability to integrate and demystify concepts ensures audiences leave inspired and committed to return for more.

Jennifer provides bold insights, practical examples and future-ready inspiration from keynotes to boardroom advisory and master classes. She applies her real-world experience to accelerate global business transformation, future of work, innovation, sustainability.

Jennifer’s speeches and workshops are each customized to fully address audience needs and can be offered in person or virtually.

Five Reasons to book Jennifer to take your organization to the next step:

  1. Real world leadership, transformation, digitalization experience
  2. Learn how leaders of world’s largest companies are transforming
  3. An insiders’ view of Silicon Valley applied to global business cultures
  4. Demystify metaverse/web3, DAOs/future of work – practical examples
  5. Actionable takeaways to embrace latest trends for future-ready success.

Book Jennifer Vessels to gain insights from her success as Silicon Valley entrepreneur, change agent leading transformation for Adobe, Microsoft, Autodesk and facilitation of transformation for hundreds of global leaders across all industries.

Popular Talks by Jennifer Vessels

Future of Work in the Web 3.0 world of the metaverse

Integration of AI, VR, commercialization and cryptocurrencies can lead to paradise or dystopia. Explore new ways humans, avatars, technology and communities can work, collaborate, travel and grow in the Metaverse of the future. All will leave understanding why Web 3.0 and Metaverse is important and what they can do now to be prepared.

Humans vs. Machines: The Future Role of People

With AI, robotics and quantum computing growth, over 50% of today’s jobs can be accomplished by technology. During this engaging session, you will learn why and how this is good news for employees, teams and leaders in this engaging ‘real-world’ keynote or workshop. All will leave inspired to leverage human skills to enhance their value in the digital future.

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