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Video interview with Jessica Barker, author of “Confident Cyber Security”

Today, Dr Jessica Barker is undoubtedly one of the most influential women in tech. Having led her own successful consultancy firm for many years, fused with her unique sociology background, Dr Barker is everyone chosen expert on the subject of the human nature of cybersecurity. Her popular keynotes are accessible and unique, offering a key understanding into topics such as social engineering, communicating cybersecurity messages and the psychology of fear and cybersecurity.

Jessica Barker Keynote SpeakerDr Barker recently published her book “Confident Cyber Security: How to Get Started in Cyber Security and Futureproof Your Career” which guides the reader through the fundamentals of cyber security and the principles one should adhere to for enhancing your professional cyber life. Within a day of being published her book was already ranked #1 in multiple UK Computer Security categories and has since sold out twice on Amazon.


  • 00:17 – Can you give a brief outline of the subjects your book explores and why these fundamentals of cyber security are so essential for everyone no matter their background or career?
  • 00:55 – What made you choose this specific angle for your book, was there something or someone that inspired you?
  • 01:26 – What cyber security threats are most prominent in today’s cyber landscape?
  • 02:35 – Has the move to a large majority people working from home impacted the way cyber security is used and needed?
  • 03:27 – Which professional services industries are most under threat from cyber security breaches?
  • 04:16 – Could the use of AI be an ally in the Cyber War or will AI eventually become an enemy?
  • 04:40 – There are 3 elements of the cyber threats are being pointed at: human side / technical side / physical side – which one is the most vulnerable & why?
  • 05:35 – How can companies work to transform this weakness into strength?


Jessica Barker’s book “Confident Cyber Security”, published with Kogan Page, is now available

The world is more digitally connected than ever before, and with this connectivity, comes vulnerability. It is therefore vital that all professionals understand cyber risk and how to minimize it.

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