Interview with Klisman Murati: Founder & CEO of Pareto Economics, Creator of the Global Power Index

Klisman Murati is no stranger to providing his global audience of business leaders, investors and policy makers with insights on global trends in the long term. In this interview he demonstrates his talent at doing just that.

Klisman Murati Keynote Speaker

Hear how the Global 4; Geopolitical Risk, Globalisation Opportunities, Transformative Technologies and Societal Changes, are major risks affecting the world. In an era of short-termism, off the back of a global pandemic, these risks require much more long-term thinking to prevent behaving in a reactionary manner and enabling your company, country or self to be proactive and mitigate. 

In an increasingly globalised world, the future impacts of macro trends are increasingly relevant. Murati posits thought-provoking theories about the common negligence of these, particularly due to getting information from poor news sources. He provides his thoughts on exciting, often overlooked, new areas such as Botswana, India and Turkey, and the potential of space – as an extension of power here on Earth and a bountiful opportunity for smaller world powers.

Klisman Murati uses his Global Power Index, an approach that applies first principles thinking to world affairs, to measure 194 countries in their ability to secure their own interests. This enables him to effectively forecast future trends of countries and is one of the reasons the Founder and CEO of Pareto Economics is so sought after for his advisory, educational and investment capabilities.


Video Timeline

  • 00:20 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 00:42 – What are the factors that will shape the world over the next 100 years?
  • 01:48 – How are investment trends changing?
  • 02:45 – What is the single biggest challenge on the horizon for society?
  • 03:46 – You developed the Global Power Index, what does it reveal about global power?
  • 05:00 – What are the most pressing global challenges that organizations and governments should be prepared to address over the coming decade?
  • 06:15 – Where do leaders go wrong in understanding world affairs?
  • 07:51 – What’s the current state of outer space security, and how will this impact geopolitics and global security?
  • 09:38 – What’s next for you?


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