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Interview with Nina Schick: Advisor specialising in Generative AI

Nina Schick is a world-leading expert on generative AI. This new technology “presents a tipping point in human evolution, it’s going to change everything”. Corporations and the public look to Nina’s expertise in order to understand and approach this inevitable future appropriately. Generative AI is a new form of artificial intelligence – “the advances are exponential” – she breaks down all the possibilities it holds. “Will AI augment us or automate us?”.



During this exclusive interview, Nina Schick explores the importance of ChatGPT  – “it shows how AI is going to fundamentally change the way that we think about human creativity or human intelligent output”. She discusses how the AI revolution will impact our world and human communication, “every single workflow can be expedited by generative AI”.

She makes some predictions, one being “that 90% of online content by 2025 is going to be generated by AI”. Our perception of the world is about to be significantly shifted. Nina shares how corporations can harness the economic benefits of generative AI – “I have no doubt that the next trillion dollar company is going to be in the generative AI space”. Can governments “keep up with the pace of change, and do they really understand whats at stake here?”.

Nina also explores how deepfakes will impact our reality, and the potential consequences of this.

Nina Schick’s work has been widely published, including; Wired, Time, MIT Tech Review and The Times. She has delivered keynote speeches for businesses and organisations including Microsoft, Adobe, DARPA and the UN. She has also advised leaders including Joe Biden, the President of the United States and Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former Secretary General of NATO.



Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 00:44 – ChatGPT is the new trendy word… what’s your view on it?
  • 02:10 – How will the “AI revolution” affect our world and communication?
  • 04:35 – What are some crucial things people should know about generative AI?
  • 05:49 – What is the dynamic between generative AI and human creativity?
  • 09:17 – How can companies and government harness the economic benefits of generative AI?
  • 11:32 – How will deepfakes impact out reality and what are the challenges associated with this?
  • 14:16 – During these uncertain times, what message do you have for corporations and leaders?
  • 15:34 – What is next for you?


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