Tony Morris in Interview

Exclusive Interview with Tony Morris, sales conversion strategist

Tony Morris is a sales conversion strategist and the author of 5 books. His first book, ‘Coffee’s for Closers’, was a #1 best-selling telesales book on Amazon. Morris works with organisations on a world-wide scale to increase their sales and achieve higher results through his ‘A.S.K. Philosophy Principles’.

Tony Morris Keynote Speaker

He has over 25 years of success and experience, helping organisations across 62 industries. Tony Morris articles have been published in Forbes, Evening Standard and Winning Edge. During 2021, he was voted as one of the Top 50 sales keynote speakers in the world and inducted into the Sales Hall of Fame.

During this interview, he covers the evolution of sales over the years and how the ‘buyer is so much better researched than ever before’. Morris discusses the research that has to be done if one wants to be successful in sales, the stakes have never been higher.

Mental health plays a large role in Morris’ message. He discusses the importance of ensuring no one ‘suffers in silence’ and the issue of mental health in sales. In a world where sales forms a large part of most industries, his expertise on the topic is highly valuable and useful across the board.

Video Timeline

  • 00:16Please tell us a bit about yourself
  • 01:07 – How has the nature of sales evolved over the years and how can organisations ensure they remain informed?
  • 03:30 You prioritise mental health in sales… can you explain this a bit for us?
  • 07:12 What is a common mistake companies make when approaching sales?
  • 10:55 – What are the top sales people doing differently, “to have an unfair advantage over their peers”?
  • 17:07 – You have been inducted into the Sales Hall of Fame and ranked in the 2021 top 50 sales speakers in the world. What do you attribute your extraordinary success to?
  • 23:07 – What is next for you?

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