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Specialist Subjects

  • Ask Better Questions, Get Better Results
  • K.I.L.L.E.R Sales: What do the top 1% of sales people in the world do differently, to have an unfair advantage over their peers?
  • What is your Tomato Soup? - Helping leaders think creatively about their business and opportunities that are staring them right in their face.
  • Do you believe in the tooth fairy? Customer service
  • The Two Tony’s – S.P.E.A.K U.P. about mental health in sales
  • Who recommended you to me?
  • The Perfect sales call for buyers and vendors
  • 7 Strategies to triple your valuations, without spending an extra penny on marketing


  • English


Tony Morris is a conversion strategist, author of 5 books, working with organisations and leaders to ask better questions and get better results. His first book, Coffee’s for closers, was #1 best-selling book for telesales on Amazon and the 2nd edition, is being launched in March 2023 and being published by Wiley.

He brings actionable, practical, real-life techniques that the audience can implement the day after your event and get instant results. Tony Morris conducts LIVE SALES CALLS on stage, to the audiences dream prospects, to demonstrate techniques he teaches.

With over 25 years of success in sales working at the top level, Tony Morris has developed his sales methodology, ‘The A.S.K Philosophy Principles’, where he helps organisations and leaders Attract the right prospects, Solve their biggest challenges and Keep them for Life. Tony Morris has proven his methodology is applicable across every vertical, having helped organisations across 62 industries.

Tony Morris helps Sales leaders, and Sales professionals of all levels, both B2B and B2C; working with them to increase their conversion rates, improve their morale and increase their productivity.

The outcome of this is, organisations see tangible results and numeric improvement in their customers’ average order value, increase in their bottom line and the transformation of customers into raving fans, which will recommend them for years to come.

Clients include Vitality, Mortgage Advice Bureau, Villeroy & Boche, IHG, Wren Kitchens, Oakley, and Savills.

Tony’s articles have appeared in publications to include Forbes, Evening Standard and Winning Edge.

Tony was voted in the Top 50 sales speakers in the World in 2021 and was inducted into the Sales Hall of Fame, and others include Jeb Blount, Victor Antonio.

On Tony’s podcast, Confessions of a serial seller, he ahs interviewed the 100 most successful sales people in the world.

Popular Talks by Tony Morris

Ask Better Questions, Get Better Results

In this heart-warming and hysterical keynote, Tony shares the best and the worst examples of everyday sales from everyday people. The audience will be able to relate to every example and it will inspire them to take note of what the best salespeople do differently. This is where you have been sold to, and you did not even realise it.

Key Take-Aways

  • If you ask the wrong question, do not expect the right answer
  • The better the question, the closer it will take you to finding the solution for your client
  • Asking the right question, creates engagement and helps put your prospect or customer at ease, to open and share

K.I.L.L.E.R Sales: What do the top 1% of sales people in the world do differently, to have an unfair advantage over their peers?

With over 25 years of success in sales, Tony has learned how to apply all his learnings into the real world. On his podcast, Confessions of a Serial Seller, Tony has interviewed the top 1% of sales leaders and sales professionals around the Globe. They have shared their insights into what separates them from their peers and their competitors and what are their daily habits, which enables them to play at a different level.

Key take-Aways

  • The Number 1 strategy to be on your A-Game on every sales call
  • A technique to build instant rapport with all types of people
  • Techniques to develop your own killer questions
  • A strategy to create instant engagement about what you do
  • A strategy to increase your average order value

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