Interview with Britain’s First Muslim Government Minister, Sayeeda Warsi

“Politics is not a career choice, it’s not a lifestyle choice. People should choose politics because they see it as one of the most powerful platforms for change.” – Sayeeda Baroness Warsi

Sayeeda Baroness Warsi – a member of the House of Lords and the first Muslim Government Minister – shares her take on current global affairs, DEI, female empowerment, politics, ethical leadership in business and more.

Sayeeda Warsi Keynote Speaker

The philanthropist, business woman, lawyer and campaigner discusses her motivation behind entering politics. She explores the important role policymakers can play in promoting religious tolerance and harmony.

Diversity, equality and inclusion remain a priority for Baroness Warsi as “diversity of background and thought are critical elements in making the most robust decisions.” She discusses the most effective ways in which organisations can promote DEI in political and social spheres.

Baroness Warsi founded the Savayra Foundation in Pakistan, a women’s empowerment charity which has put over 30, 000 women through an economic empowerment program. She uses every platform she has to advocate for change, including a new found media presence where humour plays an important role in getting her message across.

A firm advocate for “say what you believe, and then do what you say”, Baroness Warsi shares her pragmatic and wise insights during this exclusive interview.



Video Timeline

  • 00:16 – Who are you and what do you do?
  • 00:35 – What motivated you to enter politics?
  • 02:01 – You’re the founder of the Savayra Foundation in Pakistan. How can individuals and governments work together to promote social justice and equality?
  • 03:54 – What are effective strategies for promoting diversity and inclusion in political and social spheres?
  • 05:08 – What role can policymakers play in promoting religious tolerance and harmony?
  • 06:33 – What’s your take on the current state of global affairs?
  • 08:36 – What’s your advice to aspiring leaders?
  • 10:24 – You operate one of the UK’s largest food processing manufacturers. How has the nature of supply chain impacted this?
  • 11:33 – Since leaving government, you have a new found media presence. What do you hope to achieve through this?


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