Performance Tips from the Best Speakers

Performance Tips from the Best Speakers

High performance teams are equipped with a high performance team culture. These individuals’ backgrounds range from the sporting world to education.
Here are some of their top tips for fostering a culture that optimises performance…

keynote speaker Jamil QureshiJamil Qureshi

Sports psychologist and specialist on the mindset and attitude for high performance

“The key is self-awareness. I’ve seen people and teams weaken a strength by trying to strengthen a weakness. Knowing our strengths and developing them is the key to greater success. Blame looks backwards and responsibility looks forwards. Responsibility always starts with knowing ourselves.”


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keynote speaker Yasmin Al BulushiDr Yasmin Al Bulushi

Gulf region’s best known female management trainer

“If you are thinking about maximising your effectiveness, influence, decision making, relationships, health and quality of life in general then you’ll need insight into your brain function – think emotional intelligence. People leadership is EQ + IQ. Emotional intelligence is a set of competencies that help you make better decisions in life, hence better performance. Emotions really drive people; and people, in turn, drive performance. Better performance results from better management of emotions.”

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keynote speaker hans dieter hermannHans-Dieter Hermann

Sports psychologist to the German national football team

“Several parallels can be found between high performance athletes and the everyday work life in organisational leaders. Both disciplines require a continuously high level of motivation and engagement, and demand constant out performance of previous achievements. Continuously successful elite athletes are only able to maintain this high performance level when they are convinced of the purpose behind their actions. It is important that they deliberately make use of their personal resources and consciously utilise their thoughts throughout the entire performance process to achieve success. They practice how to handle pressure and thereby constantly adapt their boundaries upwards.”

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keynote speaker mark gallagherMark Gallagher

Grand Prix Motor Racing Executive

“You need three things for you (or the team you are leading) to be successful: tenacity, discipline and agility. Tenacity is all about your willingness to persevere, keep the focus, and stay the course while those around you fall away. Discipline is hugely undervalued – it is essential if you are to develop a process-driven, systematised approach to achieving ambitious goals. Agility gives you the ability to respond to changing circumstances, fl ex your strategy when needed, and cope with the transformations that are all around us.”

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keynote speaker james kerrJames Kerr

Author of bestselling Legacy and High Performance Expert

“The one thing you learn from Everest is this: it’s not done until you’re down. Keeping your eye on the end game and not being distracted by the view at the top is vital to survival in any hostile environment. Humility is the ethos of heroes.”

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keynote speaker David CoulthardDavid Coulthard

Former Formula One Racing Driver

“I have always stayed true to core values around maintaining a strong work ethic, treating people with respect, and recognising that you never know it all – so just keep learning. My career owes much to the work ethic that my parents gave me, while Sir Jackie Stewart taught me a great deal about how to present myself in front of people. As for learning, I am still learning every day. And, by surrounding myself with talented people, I have been able to give myself and my businesses the advantage of constantly moving forward.”


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