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Author, specialising in the practical application of mindfulness, performance improvement and ethical leadership

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Specialist Subjects

  • Practice Workplace Mindfulness
  • Ethical Leadership
  • How to Lead under Pressure
  • What's Kindness got to do with it?
  • Finding our Phoenix - Preventing and Recovering from Burnout
  • Psychological Safety – Why it Matters to You and Your Team


  • English


Andrew McNeill has spent 20 years in senior leadership, most recently consulting on a £7bn national programme. Throughout his career he has led large teams in high pressure environments.

He is also an accredited mindfulness teacher and brought these two worlds together in his book “Organisational Mindfulness – a How-to Guide” in 2019, which has sold in 4 continents. By integrating his leadership experience and insights from being a mindfulness teacher Andrew has developed a method to help leaders and their teams embed and implement techniques which improve performance, build psychological safety and support their own and their collective wellbeing.

Andrew co-founded LXLeaders to be able to share these tools with other teams and leaders. He specialises in working with teams enabling them to connect better and listen to each other. Andrew also works directly with leaders, helping them to thrive through the challenges and opportunities of leadership. His techniques have assisted teams and individuals navigate very real challenges and to communicate with honesty and kindness.

Popular Talks by Andrew McNeill

Practice Workplace Mindfulness

Andrew talks about the practical application of mindfulness for people in today’s workplace. He explains how this down to earth toolkit of techniques can help you manage stress, improve your communication skills and support your decision making.
Andrew was never interested in mindfulness until he needed something that would help him cope with the effects of working in an extremely high pressure environment. He approached it with deep scepticism but found these well established evidence based methods worked in the modern workplace. It vastly improved his wellbeing and delivered a step change in his performance which is why he studied to become a mindfulness teacher. Andrew now introduces teams and individuals to these life changing, team transforming skills: in practical, down to earth ways.

From this talk you will take away:
· techniques to help you perform in high stress moments
· ideas to help you communicate more effectively
· ways to give you more choice in your decision making

Ethical Leadership

Andrew believes in the need for leadership to be more fully human and uninhibited. In this talk, Andrew explains what ethical leadership is and why it is so urgently needed now, especially with the multiple pressures we currently face. Andrew will discuss how attitudes such as being non-judgmental and showing kindness are essential to modern day leadership.

· Why leadership is so urgently needed now and what a leader needs to be effective today.
· How leaders can create the space they need to see if what they’re doing is right for them
· Andrew will share examples of ethical leadership and the benefits it brings.

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