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Freestyle Marathoner, Global Adventurer, Documentarian, Creative Leader, and Idea Producer

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Specialist Subjects

  • Weight Loss and Wellbeing
  • Performance
  • Goal-Setting
  • Risk-Taking
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Hope and Hopefulness


  • English


Stepping into the unknown is often terrifying. But if there’s one thing Ben Pobjoy knows, it’s that when we trudge through our doubts and fears — and become comfortable with what makes us most uncomfortable — we can transform ourselves and achieve the unimaginable.

Since 2015, Ben Pobjoy has completed 840+ freestyle marathons across six continents. In aggregate, he has walked more than 75,000 kilometres across planet earth; solo, sans road crew, and without the financial support of corporate sponsors.

In 2023 alone, Pobjoy completed 242 freestyle marathons in nearly 70 different countries as part of an unsupported DIY attempt to set a new world record. His ‘Marathon Earth Challenge’ project was a success, and earned 92 million organic impressions across TV, print, radio, and web.

Paradoxically, Ben Pobjoy isn’t a professional athlete. Frankly, he does not possess a single God-given physical talent, and was morbidly obese less than a decade ago. However, Pobjoy ultimately faced up to his own BS, took a scary first step towards reinvention, kept going, and the rest is news-making history.

Combining punk rock pragmatism with a penchant for storytelling gleaned from a career as a marketing executive, Ben Pobjoy delights in speaking about the learnings he has derived from his global marathon challenges. And he does so candidly — and with much humour — because Pobjoy has forced himself to excel in bad conditions (from wet bulb temperatures to earthquakes) while navigating bad faith actors (who have robbed him, slashed him, and somewhat held him hostage on his treks).

Whether you need to turn it around personally or professionally — or aspire to tackle the impossible — Ben Pobjoy is ready to give you a pep talk, and furnish you with real-world tips for unlocking otherworldly results.

Popular Talks by Ben Pobjoy

Weight Loss and Wellbeing

In 2015, Ben Pobjoy lost 100 pounds in just eight months by simply walking more, and he did so while contending with the suffocating stresses and heavy demands of being an agency-side marketing executive. In doing so, Pobjoy cracked the code on work-life balance, discovered how to implement simple-but-effective lifestyle changes, and has sustained his joyful bipedal practice for nearly a decade…all while moonlighting as a freestyle marathoner and global adventurer. If you crave a sound mind and body, Pobjoy is ready to bring the noise…and arm you with sure-fire tips and tricks to not just thrive but totally transform yourself.


Imagine this; you’re the creative lead on a multi-million dollar pitch by day…yet choose to complete a marathon that evening in a foreign place full of unknowns, exposures, and dangers. Yes, it is preposterous, but it is how marketing executive turned global adventurer Ben Pobjoy once stacked his life; doing so to test his ability to perform in a self-woven tapestry of ridiculous challenges. From mindset, adaptability, problem solving to resolve, Ben Pobjoy will spill the beans on how to be your best (and perform accordingly). Let’s go!

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