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Researcher, Author and Vlogger on the future of work

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Specialist Subjects

  • Shining bright or burning out? How to increase energy, happiness and productivity at work
  • Velvet Power: the new work principle for productive teams
  • Powerful Presence: unlock the magic
  • The six current models of work and how to make them actually work in practice
  • Resolving the productivity paradox
  • Managing cognitive overload & communications overwhelm
  • How to attract and retain the best talent
  • What ‘flexibility’ and ‘work life balance’ really mean
  • New models of leadership
  • Burn Out and Resilience


  • English


A researcher, author, and vlogger on the future of work.

Christine Armstrong examines the new challenges to the old ways of doing business with world-class data, her own interviews, and a huge dose of energy. Her focus includes the six new models of work, the productivity paradox, communication overload, the challenges of boundaries and flexible work, burn out, and resilience.

Christine Armstrong previously co-founded Jericho Chambers, an early example of flexible and hybrid work, and has written regularly for the Times, Telegraph, and Management Today. Before that, she was a researcher and presented insights around the world for advertising agency BBDO.

Christine Armstrong is also the author of ‘The Mother of All Jobs: how to have children and a career and stay sane(ish)’, published by Bloomsbury. The book is based on six years of interviews with working parents, employers, leadership experts, and carers. The book was a finalist in the Business Book UK awards 2019. She also runs a number of sessions and workshops linked to her book including, Women and work (often exploring why so many leave), Working Dads, and Working and parenting.

Christine and her team are currently researching employee’s response to the cost of living crisis and the predicted downturn.

Popular Talks by Christine Armstrong

Shining bright or burning out? How to increase energy, happiness and productivity at work

Productivity is nose-diving while burnout is rocketing. Business leaders contend with uncertainty and overwhelm while their teams struggle with disconnect, disruption and disharmony. How do we find our way through these challenges that blind us from emerging trends, cloud our decision-making, and extinguish our inner flame?

Christine carries the torch to help your teams find the light. In her new series of interactive, one-off talks, she explores the latest research on managing energy for ourselves and others, overcoming conflict, vanquishing micro-stressors, and how finding ‘glimmers’ – tiny reminders of joy, peace and happiness and kindling for their phoenix – can help team members restore their energy and super-charge their productivity.

Laced with self-deprecating humour, a joie de vivre, and practical takeaways, Christine’s talks are tailored specifically for the audience; melding the research and scientific evidence with her own experiences of emerging from dark times. Consistently ranked as one of the top speakers at events and conferences, your teams will leave educated, entertained, and well-equipped to survive – and thrive – in the emerging workplace of today – and tomorrow. 

She absolutely promises that she will not, at any point, recommend Feel Good Fridays, walking meetings, yoga or mindfulness apps.

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